Thursday, January 22, 2009


He is sweet, cute as can be, charming, huggable and so innocent......UNTIL you put food in front of him! Our little guy has become quite the picky eater. I am desperately trying to get this little boy to EAT! If it does not involve macaroni and cheese (Kraft, of course, because my home-made version just doesn't taste the same) bananas or maple flavored oatmeal with lots of butter and cinnamon and sugar....then it usually ends up on the floor OR in Willie's mouth!

Well... at everyone's advice.....I continue to attempt to "offer a variety, " because this, of course, is "JUST A STAGE!!!" So today's lunch consisted of toasted turkey and cheese with lots of butter and cut into tiny little finger-size bites, applesauce, baby food green beans (We must keep Gerber in business), and hot dogs peeled and sliced into tiny "choke-proof" pieces. I know... I know... this sounds like an awful lot for a 12 month old....but of course he eats ONLY one or two bites of each before deciding it is not appetizing enough! After much of today's lunch ended up on the floor (which was cleaned thoroughly just yesterday), I gave it one last attempt by trying to offer some pieces of a babybel cheese! He has to like cheese with all the macaroni he eats...right? Well...maybe not. He found it much more entertaining to rub the cheese onto his nose and laugh, laugh, laugh! Some of it did finally make it to his mouth.... before the remainder fed the floor!! Needless to say.... after today's clean-up, I was almost late picking up Sophia. Some day we will miss these days, right???

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yiayia said...

Yes, Mama, you WILL miss these days, I promise! I'm so glad you will have this diary so that you will be able to look back at your memories as you're wiping away the tears. He REALLY IS the cutest. He just likes to smell things like you did when you were little! <3