Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Roaring Good Time

We celebrated Joseph's first birthday (the day after his actual birthday) on Saturday January 10th! We had a lion party because we thought it was fitting for our little guy who really can "roar!" What a fun, fun day full of excitement, family, cake, and surprises! We surprised Joseph with our gift to him, a "ball pit" in the morning! I loved seeing his excitement as well as Sophia's ( we figured she might like it a little bit too!!!) He was pretty thrilled at all of the colorful balls, but found it was more fun to climb in and out of the "pit." He was pretty exhausted after playing in that for a while, but after a good AM nap and lunch (of course....mac and cheese, his favorite!) he was ready for his party!

I think he knew the day was about him...I loved watching him stand at the dining room window with Sophia and "wait" for his guests to arrive! And boy was he overwhelmed when they did! As we were waiting for the last few to arrive, we noticed he had already found a spot in front of his presents and was beginning to "unwrap" one. What a lucky boy...he got so many special things.... a spaceship from Thea, a fun "Hummer" like push car from Yiayia and Pappou and probably his most favorite.... a red race car selected especially for him by his big sister Sophia. He learned quickly how to push it, ride it and manipulate the buttons to make the songs play! The songs get pretty repetitive but I LOVE watching him start dancing as soon as the music plays! I had to lure him to the table with pirate booty in order to get him in his chair for the cutting of the cake. It was hard to take him away from his fun new toys! He enjoyed his cake and the ice cream felt good on his toothers....(he is STILL teething...poor guy!)

He took a great PM nap and of course was ready to go for round two in the afternoon! We spent the rest of the day playing! Such a fun amazing to see how he has grown from such a tiny little thing to this (still tiny) little mover! There is always so much excitement in his eyes! Hope your day was as sweet as you...little Joe! We love you!

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yiayia said...

Happy Birthday, dear Joseph, thanks for the miracle you've brought to this family. We still cannot believe you've been with us one full year--where does the time go?????? <3