Monday, January 12, 2009

Soooo close!

Well, Joseph had his one year doctor's appointment this afternoon. Though I always dread doctor's visits (because of the number of shots they always have to get), we were hopeful that the doctor would give us the go ahead to turn his car seat forward facing.....BUT he's still not 20 lbs yet!!! He's sooo close... 19 pounds and 14.2 ounces! If I could just get him to eat my sugar cookies! He's still a tiny little thing, but growing. He's between the 10-25% for weight and height, measuring 28 1/2 inches in length. He did grow an inch in the last 3 months!

He got three shots today.... 1st Hep A vaccine, 1st chicken pox and the one for ear infections. Poor guy! He cried so hard. He was fussy anyway ( I think he is teething). Dr. Stuppy agreed when she saw how he was chewing on anything and everything he could find, but she didn't see much swelling in his mouth. Well, that doesn't say much, because before his first tooth popped, the doctor said she didn't see any signs, and the next day I saw it poking through!!! You never know!
Anyway, it was a good appointment overall. Thank you Big Sister Sophia....for laying next to him when he got all of his shots.


koki said...

omg, look at jo-jo's hair - sooo cute! I love how sophia gets all decked out in her jewels for her brother's 1 year appt. Very nice of her to comfort him during his shots. Poor thing . . . hope he's feeling ok today. xoxo.

yiayia said...

Poor Joseph----I hate that they give so many shots at once! He is a little guy---but he has such a big heart! He runs around so much that's why he can't gain weight---kinda like his mama! <3