Friday, January 9, 2009

So Many Reasons

Happy Birthday sweet little Joseph! When I think of you.... I can't help but think of a book Sophia and I love to read together about reasons for kisses. It starts off... "There are so many reasons to kiss you, little one...."

There are so many reasons to kiss you, Joseph...
1. For the way you smile at everyone you meet
2. Because you are so incredibly huggable and you give me the best hugs...holding on so tight
3. For the way you reach your arms out to your daddy as if to say "I love you"
4. For the way you go to Sophia when she is supposed to be in the "corner" (sometimes even for hurting you) so that you can console her and make her feel better
5. For your playful spirit
6. For the way you lay on your Willie
7. For the way you pull on my pant leg just to let me know you are there
8. For the way you let me rock you to sleep every night and before every nap
9. For the cute way you dance when we turn on music at dinner
10. For the smile you give me the second you wake up every morning!

I love you so much sweet boy. Happy First Birthday!

Who would have thought that we would be able to play outside on your birthday at the beginning of January! I think God purposely gave us a beautiful day today because something so amazing happened to us a year ago today! I loved playing with you and Sophia outside today in the middle of winter.

Your big #1 party is tomorrow! I can't wait. Sleep tight, little one!


yiayia said...

I CANNOT believe our special little one is ONE! He is just adorable. Yiayia is still amazed that Joseph is walking like a pro on his 1 year birthday. He melts my heart. HAPPY BIRTHDAY our sweet baby boy. Can't wait for my hug today. :-) <3

koki said...

Happy Birthday Joseph! Your Mama just made me cry this morning! Can't wait to watch you dig in to your lion cake! xoxo, thea