Sunday, July 19, 2009

18 months and Camp Thea

Hard to believe but my little guy is 18 months already! He started so small and is so quickly becoming a big little boy! He still loves to give his great big hugs and kisses and gives a friendly "hi" to everyone he sees. As I've said before...he is all boy! His curiosity and fearless nature continue to amaze me. He is a climber, a runner, and even a dancer (with his BIG sister of course). Already he makes requests for his favorite song... "Boom, Boom!" (Probably not very child-appropriate....but it's hilarious to watch him dance to the beat always hopping on his one little foot!)

And even more exciting are all the new words we get to hear him say. Sophia has been his best teacher...and he LOVES to say words for her! So here are all the things we have been hearing him say lately....and of course they sound sooooo cute in his little boy voice...
ball, ba-bye mama, ba-bye dada, ba-bye yiayia, ba-boo (for pappou) EEEEE-ya (for Thea), EEEEE for Willie, bunny, ish for fish, me, bAAAYYY-bE for baby, Jo! for Joe, nigh-nigh, puppy, boo-boo, attempts to say please while he does the sign for it, Oh- for hello or phone, uck for truck, and probably many more that I am forgetting! We love to hear him have "conversations" with us!

Joseph had his 18-month doctor visit last Thursday July 16th. Unfortunately I didn't get to go as I was recovering from my knee surgery. But Daddy said Joseph was awfully brave for his two shots (hepatitis and tetanus). Here are his stats:
Weight: 22 lbs 13 oz (11th percentile)
Height: 31 1/2 inches (23rd percentile)
Head Circumference : 18.58 inches (31st percentile)

He is such a big boy! He is finally starting to eat a little bit better. I love that he loves his fruits (this was something we always struggled with when feeding Sophia...and still it is a challenge at times). He loves his fishy crackers, marshmallows, dried fruit, green beans, carrots, mac and cheese, sometimes his turkey and cheese sandwiches, and of course his milk. And I think he might have a little sweet tooth for chocolate like his mama!

Besides his trucks... he has become rather fond of stacking his blocks and then knocking them over! Here are a few pics of him playing with the blocks.

And as for Camp Thea....well thank goodness to my sister! She is my life-saver! She took Miss Sophia for the weekend and Sophia has had a ball! Thea took her swimming, to the park, to the MIXX for lunch and to visit Nouna and Nouno Dan. And of course a trip to the toy store was yet another highlight. Even though Sophia is not home yet...she has already told me about her trip to the donut store, how she found a frog in Thea's pool and the yummy meals Thea has made for her... hot dogs, spaghetti, scrambled eggs, etc. What a lucky girl she is. I'm sure Thea (A.K.A. "Miley" ) has had her fill of "The Climb" Sophia's current fav song by Hannah Montana. Sophia calls herself Hannah and calls her Thea "Miley." You should see this girl close her eyes and "perform" this song for all of us. She knows the words by heart and even gives a classy bow when finished. What a kick she is. I'm sure Thea is singing this song in her sleep. I wish I knew how to post a video so you could see Sophia's (oops, I mean "Hannah's") performance.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Thea for taking such good care of our little princess performer. You ARE her BEST FRIEND. And Pappou just told me that Sophia says the only other prettier person in the world (besides herself, of course) is her THEA. Love you, Thea!

Here a few pics that Thea took of Sophia proudly sliding down the pole at Loose Park!


yiayia said...

I've been seeing the changes in our little Joseph---just this week. He is G-R-O-W-I-N-G too fast!!!!!! But that's what these little ones do. My heart just cries when I see Sophia with her Thea--they are two peas in a pod. Sophia was soooooo excited when Yiayia told her she would "yes" get to have a sleep over with her Thea!!! Bless your two angels. <3

koki said...

What a fun weekend we had!!! She is the sweetest little girl . . . I am so lucky to have her! I wish we could have Camp Thea everyday. Hannah has to be exhausted tonight . . . dancing all day to her new favorite "Hoedown Throwdown" . . . folding Thea's laundry . . . and making it across the monkey bars at the park all by HERSELF three times!!!!!!! I'm already planning the next sleepover. I miss her already - my house is too quiet!! xoxo, thea a.k.a miley cyrus