Thursday, July 9, 2009


"That stinkin brother took my garden shovel!"

"Those stinkin commercials between Max and Ruby episodes."

"That stinkin sea witch, Ursula, on "Little Mermaid."

"That stinkin brother again....he's gonna get hurt."


I wasn't so sure I liked Sophia's new choice of words. Would her kindergarten teacher think it was an appropriate way to characterize? Probably not. I even told her it probably wasn't the best word to use happened....


I wanted to say it too. Maybe it is contagious. So here we go.... it's my turn now...

"My stinkin knee"
"My stinkin sinus infection"
"This stinkin headache....won't go away"
"Stinkin antibiotics"
"Stinkin allergies"
"Stinkin Kansas humidity"
"Stinkin receptionists at doctor's offices"

The only thing that wasn't stinkin today?


--Kelsey Bakalar-- said...

Amalia, this is the cutest post! Your kids are darling and Sophia has so much stinkin personality! ;)

yiayia said...

I think your little kiddos are pretty stinkin' cute!!!!! But.......I might be a little prejudice! Ya think!!!! :-)