Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Knock Knock...

Who's there?


2:30 who?

Tooth-hurting YOU!!!

Here is our little missy before her very first tooth came out!! She has had a wiggly little guy (bottom center) since May....and today it just got looser and looser! She would not let us try to pull it even though it was hanging by a thread...she was so scared. Somehow, daddy got a good grip, and...


Whew! She was soooooo relieved! Here she is showing off that new smile!!! See that new little hole on the bottom??? (Yes there might appear to be a hole on the upper row of teeth too....but that is just a space...no lost teeth up there yet...even though she used to think she had already lost a tooth there :)

Here is the pocket we placed the tooth in for the tooth fairy. Sophia decided the tooth would be safer in this. She was given a tooth box when she was born, but she was worried the lid might fall off!

And here is our proud girl ready for bed....and anxiously awaiting her visitor!

Ironically.... I had taken pictures of the little guy just this morning for his own "tooth" post. Little did I know Sophia would lose her very first tooth later in the day. Anyhow....today was Joseph's first tooth brushing with his toothpaste! He loves to be just like his big sister and brush his new little toothers....even if it is an old toothbrush of Sophia's.....(Don't worry... I sanitized it....after Sophia INSISTED that he use her old toothbrush b/c it was blue)!

"I think I have the hang of it already!"

"Hmmmm... I think this is how you hold it..."

"I'd better check out how I look in the mirror"

I guess you could say it was 2:30 ALL Day at our house today!!!


Eryn said...

I remember Brett use to pull out my teeth when they were loose! How exciting to loose your first tooth!! I can't believe how grown up Joseph is getting too! Lots of love!!! :)

yiayia said...

You could just see the fear in her face. God love her. I do not remember you two loosing teeth till FIRST grade. I had so much experience pulling my first graders teeth---that when you two came along ---- piece of cake!!!! She tells me she thinks she's getting another loose tooth----silly girl! And that little guy----ADORABLE! They are growing up before I can take a breath! <3