Thursday, January 14, 2010

He's Back!

Poor little Joe....just a few days after his BIG 2 party....came down with a yucky tummy bug....similar to what Sophia battled for her entire Christmas break. GEEZ...enough already! Poor little guy...just wanted to lay on the sofa with his car blankie and binks (yep... I gave in for a few days)... Today some improvement, though.... we saw some smiles when Daddy brought home his favorite QT ice and some Grandma's cookies. (Why is it that my kids LOVE store bought cookies when we always have oodles of home-made cookies all over our house???)

After I decided we just couldn't take anymore Max and Ruby and Franklin episodes... I lured him into my bedroom with his ball hopper toy so I could change my sheets. He had some fun with this and wasn't shy about giving me some big grins!!

We also read lots of books together. I love how he now points to things he sees in books and says.. "I have that." He is really conversing with us a lot these days....I guess he always has...we just couldn't understand Joe language! He also loves to sit in his rocking chair with me in his bedroom after his nap and look out the window and watch for cars to come by. We like to guess what color car is going to drive by next. Today....can you imagine his excitement when not a car, but a SCHOOL BUS came by??? Oh my! The little things make for the biggest smiles!

Well, while the Mr. and I were busy car watching, Sophia had some surprises of her own...After school, she got to go to Yiayia's and help make Pappou's birthday cake! She was thrilled that she got to pick out the sprinkles and candles. Even though Joe and I didn't get to join the party....Sophia brought us some sure looks yummy! Hope you had a Happy day, Pappou!

If we are feeling better tomorrow....Joseph will have his 2 year well check. Can't wait to see how much he's grown!!