Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Does it have to be true? Does my baby have to turn TWO? If I could stop it.... I can promise I would! Unfortunately, I think this one is out of my hands, though. Only a few more days and my little baby will be a big boy two year old. With poor Sophia being sick most of Christmas break, we've had lots of time to stay inside and read and play. At night lately, Little J has been choosing to read the story "Guess How Much I Love You?" He is really getting into his books these days! My heart about melted when a few nights ago, his daddy tucked him in bed and said I love you....and Joseph responded "This Much." (just like the book). He has gotten so good at saying this that he will even say it when he poses for a picture!!

Sophia was due back at school yesterday....and she is feeling better, but I kept her home yesterday and today just to make sure she had her energies back! We had some fun digging through my January box (from when I taught kindergarten) and pulling out some fun winter projects. We read lots of snowman books (we can't read Junie B all the time!!!) and made snowmen and decorated our magnet board.....it looks pretty wintery....as if the inches of snow outside our window and the sub arctic temps aren't enough evidence of the winter we are experiencing! Anyway... I was pretty impressed with their cute snowmen. Joseph loves to say hi and night night to his snowman and I even caught him climbing on Willie's bed so he could reach his snowman and shake his hand. Climbing....is that a shock???

I am sad that Sophia didn't get to enjoy much of her break, but selfishly....I loved having her home. She is beginning to act so grown up. She knows exactly how I do everything and can repeat it verbatim to anyone who may do things slightly differently. She is very "motherly" and though she can be bossy at times....really does look out for her little brother. And have I mentioned how much he adores her????? Okay...so life isn't always perfect in our household....and sometimes little Missy just doesn't get her way (like when I tell her she has to share....) so this week her new thing when she gets upset????? Marches right upstairs, packs her little pink suitcase and leaves it outside her bedroom door and informs me... I'm going to live with Miley! HA!!!! What a KICK this girl is...but she is mighty cute.....and looking so much healthier I must say...

January used to be one of my least favorite months.... I don't look forward to the cold weather or being cooped up inside. But a few years ago.... this little guy changed my attitude toward the month just a bit..

This little guy is WILD and CRAZY and can't sit still for the life of him. Some days he makes me feel like I'm gonna pull my hair out...BUT I can't imagine my life without him. I LOVE HIM SOOOO MUCH! I LOVE to hug and kiss him, I love that he still lets me rock him.... I love how he says "YES!!!" so emphatically.... I LOVE how he LOVES everyone he meets. He has the sweetest heart....he has a love for everyone that is exceptionally rare....he fears nothing... he smiles from ear to ear....his giggles are contagious! I thank God for him everyday... I thank God for the miracle that brought him to our family.... I thank God for the woman who so lovingly placed him in my arms two years ago. She humbled me. And for her incredible, indescribable gift... I will forever be grateful.

Happy Birthday week my baby sweet!


Jenn said...

You are SO blessed...and so fortunate to know that now while you can enjoy them to the fullest! They are BOTH beautiful (and lots of fun!)...God has been so good to your family!!!


Eryn said...

Yup pretty sure you just made me cry! He will get to look back and read that some day and know that he is and will always be soooooo loved!! Love you godson and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Polly said...

Your pix taking is getting more professional every day!!! I swear you need to write a book! They are so adorable---but of course since I'm the Yiayia what else would I say. I melt when that little guy gives me hugs and kisses---I cannot believe it's been two years----it goes by too fast. Yesth is the word of the day! And my reading girl is such a beauty!.. <3 Yiayia