Friday, January 15, 2010

Reach out

First things first....I can't imagine what the people of Haiti must be going through right now. I feel guilty complaining about my sinus headache today when I look at the pictures of the complete destruction and despair that has overtaken this country. Please take a moment to look at this site. I'm sure any amount of help would go to great use. There is a link here where you can give a donation.

On a much much lighter note...we did make it to Mr. J's well visit today....though it probably wasn't a 100% well visit. He is still recovering from his nasty tummy bug. I wasn't too excited about making the trip out to the doctor today when he still wasn't feeling well...and really wasn't excited about the traffic jam on the highway. But the topper on the cake.....when we arrived, I gave Joseph a few saltines in the office (he was pretty cranky...and still not feeling great). He was happily munching away on a few of them when the nurse doing the paperwork informed me that I should be careful about giving him crackers on the examining table (which by the way was not covered with the typical paper) because "the next patient may be allergic and could go into anaphylactic shock!" Ok....people...this is a pediatrician's office right?? What is this world coming to...first no snacks allowed in church and now no snacks for sick kids at the doctor's office. As if that wasn't enough... they convinced me to still give him his hib vaccine even though he wasn't 100% (this was his 4th and final dose of this vaccine). The same nurse I mentioned earlier proceeds to him and then informs me (when he is already in full cry mode) "Oops I only got half of it in because he moved, so I'll have to do it again." Are you kidding me????? Could this appointment get any worse? Well, thankfully...the Dr. came back in and said half the dose would be enough. Whew! And maybe I'm a little glad that he only got half because he is already acting like a TERROR ... I can't imagine how cranky he would be with the full dose. By the way..Joe's response after the shot...lots of screaming and shouting "JOE MAD!" I guess he is getting older....he used to never cry with his he is older and wiser. Poor guy!

Okay...the moment we've all been waiting for....

Here are Joseph's 2-year stats:
Weight: 26 lbs 4 oz (26th percentile)
Lenght: 33 inches (14th percentile)

(So his percentiles for weight and height have almost reversed since his 18 month appointment, see below)

18 month stats
Weight: 22 lbs 13 oz (11th percentile)
Height: 31 1/2 inches (23rd percentile)
Head Circumference : 18.58 inches (31st percentile)

And now.... I wasn't too sure that I would get any good pictures of my little guy today, but after we came home and I changed him into some "germ-free" clothes...he was ALL SMILES. Can't decide which one I like more...

I can't forget to explain this picture....

This is the book the doctor gave to Joseph at his appointment today. Can you imagine the surprise on his face when he saw this???? It almost was enough to make him forget about his boo-boo...almost!

And last but certainly not least...let's not forget a picture of Sophia today. She got to ride in Daddy's truck both to and from school today! What a treat!


yiayia said...

What a surprise to see this tonight!!! Poor "MAD JOE" He looks so cute in his plaid shirt! Two cuties! <3 Yiayia

mom2four said...

A few things...
I can't believe that nurse!! Ugh!
I like the 3rd and 5th pictures the best...they're all so sweet!
Do you know about that sinus rinse stuff Neti Pot something or other? I have been told great things about it and tried it tonight. Gross and strange but I have high hopes for it to help me.
Have a good weekend!