Monday, January 25, 2010

Mr. Mischievous

I can't quite think of a better word to describe my little man at this moment other than this....Mr. Mischievous! He is learning to be sneaky and even a little bit deceptive....but that cute little smile always gets me..even when I try my hardest to stand my ground!!! Today I was in the basement bagging up some cookies....( I pretty much have to bring all of my work to the basement these days just so I can keep an eye on this guy) and I walked to the other room where I had left my scissors. When I returned.... the Mr. had reached and grabbed some of my cookies and was playing with them...lining them up on some of my storage boxes just as he lines up his cars. At first... I was a little upset because as I was trying to pick up some of the crumbs he had made on the floor, he cleverly crawled up to my desk and began finding all sorts of "fun toys." He especially loved my fake hydrangeas, and kept putting them up to his nose and smelling him. It was one of those moments when I was thrilled that I happened to have my camera just a couple of feet away!

So my plan was to freeze these cookies and save them for Valentine's Day...and share pictures then...but these were too funny to pass up...the way he manipulated them just like they were his toys...and man is he quick!!!! Anyway... as you can see I went for an "out of the box" Valentine's design....."You're Dino-Mite" dinosaur cookies and "Love Bug" cars! I am happy to say that thanks to I have seen some improvements in my royal icing. I made some changes to the original recipe and have noticed less air bubbles as a result! Yay!!!! Practice makes ALMOST perfect, right???

My next project....because you know I always have a new one in my head before the old is complete.....will be for Kansas Day this Friday. Miss Sophia has her "lucky" day at school and gets to bring in treats. Can you guess what her treat is going to be??Can't wait to share pictures of these little guys!!!

And yes... I do have other projects BESIDES one being getting rid of our way over-used sofa!!!!!!!!!!! I admit we may have been a bit hard on this guy.... ie... the dog....the husband who too often falls asleep on it. Myself??? Well, I probably don't ever sit down long enough to sit on it....but I'm sure I've contributed to it's downfall in some way or another. Anyway....I will be sofa searching in full force especially after having completed last weekend's long awaited purchase....will share pictures soon:)


mom2four said...

Those cookies are AMAZING...once again!!!

Polly said...

How can you not love his smile!!!!!!? I LOVE projects. You know your mother :-) Though I was concerned before seeing them in person, I must admit you made a good choice!! Good job project manager. OK I'm ready for the next one! :-) <3 Yiayia

koki said...

Jayhawk cookies for Kansas day???

koki said...

Sunflower cookies?? I guess we will have to wait and see! xxoo