Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Good-Bye Kindergarten....

Teacher gifts this year...
included... home-made flower pens and of course COOKIES.  We also gave Border's gift certificates (hidden behind the flower pots) because BOOKS are one of our most favorite things!

Do you remember this little girl??

Well....some how, in some way....she became a FIRST grader.  I am still in shock.  I want her to stay this age forever... I want her to come home for lunch every day..... I want to read Junie B with her every afternoon....

When I asked her what it felt like to be a first grader...she told me...."MOMMY!!!.... I'm still a kindergardener until first grade starts next year!"

I think I like that answer.

I am so proud of this little girl....Just the other day we got a letter from Sophia's school announcing...that they were pleased to inform us that Sophia's art work had been chosen to be framed and on display at her school's Education Center.  The letter noted that "It is because of (her) creativity and dedication that (her) art work is on display."  CREATIVITY and DEDICATION....describe this little girl to a T.  She has the best imagination of any 6 year-old I know, and her determination is evident in EVERYTHING she attempts.

I snuck into her school after Mass this morning and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw her artwork framed on the wall.... It really WAS excellent!  So of course.. I had to run to my car, grab my camera,.... steal Sophia from her classroom, and snap a picture of my creative little girl.  I am soooo proud!  And we even got the Art teacher to join in on the fun!!!  Apparently the project involved creating a picture that went along with David Shannon's "A Bad Case of the Stripes."  

In the book,  young Camilla Cream is so concerned with being popular that she literally changes her skin in an attempt to please, and fit in with, those around her. 

Congratulations my soon to be first grader!  I love you and can't wait to spend the summer with you!!!!


yiayia said...

I love this little girl soooooooooooooo much. We are so proud of her. She's a little girl who just loves life! What a wonderful beginning to her education she's had. We look forward to watching her blossom.
<3 Yiayia

koki said...

what else can I say? I love love love love love Miss Sophie P. So proud to be her Thea! xoxoxo