Monday, May 17, 2010

Stacking up....

So... I've been trying a few new recipes...
-a few peanut butters with a touch of bittersweet, 

-some "great with your morning cup of coffee espresso bars"

-and yet another crack at some good old chocolate chippers

I've had some fun taste testing....but my vote (no surprise) goes for the chocolate chip cookies.  Think I like this recipe even better than my last.  I'm just a sucker for chocolate chippers, I think.  The kids, of course have their own opinions....Sophia went for the espresso bars....(probably just because they have a glaze on top), and Joe (who normally devours chocolate chippers) went for ....none of the above.  Poor guy....he's had a pretty weak appetite with all these meds he has on...not to mention those stubborn two year molars trying to add to his troubles..

So here is my little guy before his hair cut today...
And here he is the little man after.  I know...I know....I hate to see the curls cut off....but sorry.... I needed some neatness to some of those unruly locks.  He is cute with his hair any way.....(wish I could say that about myself) and I know those curls will make their appearance again in a few weeks when the hairs start growing back.

Missy still prefers her chocolate Haagen Daz to my cookies any day!

We kind of had one of those lazy Mondays today.  Weather was was we did some practice reading work and some coloring while J was napping.  Hard to believe this little girl has only a little over a week left of her kindergarten year.  We started talking about all the fun things we can do this summer...and Sophia quickly decided to write a list of summer activities we need to accomplish....some of her choices included...swimming, going to the park, MOMMY doing the monkey bars, feeding the ducks, and of course trips to the ice cream store.  Sounds like some perfect summer plans to me.  I can't wait!

The rest of our afternoon was spent praying to Saint Anthony for a missing bouncy ball that "someone" was bouncing on the stairs even after numerous warnings to use better judgement about where she was choosing to bounce the ball.  Sophia later told me she just didn't understand why she never found her ball....she prayed to Saint Anthony SIX times.  I hope I can find it before she wakes up....but I"ve tried and for the life of me can't understand how on earth we could lose a ball that bounced away right in front of our eyes!

And one more trauma today....we began watching part of Toy Story....can't believe I have never seen this movie in its entirety....and you know Sophia is on a HUGE movie kick these days (I guess limiting her movie/tv time when she was young...may not have been the best tactic....although it did force her into being able to read like a  SUPER STAR).  We only watched part of the movie tonight....and she was pretty much in her movie mode stare the entire time....except when we turned off the movie....she quickly went into full out cry mode.  She told us she was very afraid of the mean boy next door.  She sobbed the whole way upstairs and barely made it through our Junie B chapter.  We tried to console her...but she is still pretty afraid of that mean boy and the fact that he is not very nice to his toys.

Hope she recovers soon:(


koki said...

ohhhh, look how cute little J looks, curls or no curls, he looks like a little cherub faced angel to me. And poor S, she's like her ice cream lover Thea . . . scared of silly things in movies! ps I've never seen Toy Story . . . hmmmm.

koki said...

ps. Tell S I have lots of things to add to her summer "to-do" list!

yiayia said...

THESE TREATS (top two) were the best and fitting for your new business!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait till 'J' gets his curls back----he's adorable--but you know me I like boys (ie. your father) with curls!!!! My little Sophia--I love her innocence! <3 Yiayia