Sunday, May 2, 2010



After  changing her mind more than a few times...Miss Sophia chose an Ariel theme for her 6th birthday party!  Of course since I am not a huge fan of "character" parties.... so I quickly tweaked the theme to a more "beachy/mermaid" party.  

Doesn't she look like the cutest 6-year-old mermaid you've ever seen?

Here are the invites for the party:

For the favors... I made pails with beachy cookies, water bottles and of course flower pens since we had the party on "May Day!"

And next comes the best part....the cakes and cookies we ate at the party!  

(Too bad Ariel's black outline bled a bit into the other colors making them less vibrant than they looked when I originally frosted it)

Of course we had to have some games...and I was thrilled that the somewhat gloomy morning turned into a great afternoon.  For the fishing game... I selected 12 pictures of Sophia (one from each month of this past year) and I made 4 sets (one for each team).  I connected metal hoops to each picture and each team had to "fish" out their pictures out of their beach pails.  The hubby made some wooden boards fitted with 12 hooks and we labeled each hook with a month of the year.  The teams had to guess what month the picture was taken and hang it on the correct hook on their board.  CONGRATULATIONS Team Sophia..... you got them all correct.   ( I did prep her a bit for this game...but really, people, she did remember the majority of the months all on her own accord!!!!)

We also had an answer chart with the correct pictures hidden in their corresponding pockets!

Here are the boards:

Here is the answer key with the correct pictures hidden inside.  

Here a few pictures of the teams working hard to try and "fish" out their pictures...

I got a cute picture of Sophia whispering a secret to Omi...wonder what she was telling her?

After the games....we had worked up an appetite for some cake!  Choices were white Ariel cake or 4 layer chocolate cake....My vote goes towards the chocolate cake...YUM!  Here is our little mermaid making her wish..

After was time to open presents.  I'm not sure if Sophia yet recognizes what a LUCKY little girl she is to have so many people who LOVE her!  I still can not believe the HUGE pile of presents on our living room floor!  Sophia loved everything she got especially her American Girl doll clothes, bike, make-up chair, and of course her movies that she has been so excited to watch...."The Princess and the Frog," and "Sleeping Beauty."  Of course she's a little worried that they might be scary, but nonetheless thrilled to finally have them in her possession.  Other favorites included the Polly Pocket Pool and the swimming pool for her dollhouse which came equipped with its own diving board.  And oh my.....the clothes....without a doubt this little girl has twice the clothes I do!  

Mr. J was busy playing (and biting on) the baby pool that we used to hold all of the presents.  He thought he was pretty funny trying to chew on the edges.  Not so funny this morning when we discovered...he actually had gnawed a hole through it...

I'm always so sad when we don't get a family picture at one of the holidays or birthdays...but at least Yiayia got one of me with my favorite little man.  That smile of his and those curls...oh my....!!!!  And you can hardly even see the stitches on my forehead from my minor accident earlier in the week...even better!

Whew!  Hope our little mermaid enjoyed every bit of turning  SIX, and I hope all of her wishes come true this year!!!


Jenn said...

What a fun party! Looks like you thought of every little detail!!


(and accident??? what happened??)


mom2four said...

Cute and fun party! Glad your injury is getting better!

yiayia said...

Fun party. (Team Kokoruda missed the fishing pole contest by TWO)! Darling 6 year old girl! Cute brother! Fantabulous chocolate cake!!!!!!! (which I continue to crave!) She will remember these great parties you do for her. <3 Yiayia