Friday, May 7, 2010

Roller Coaster...

We've had lots of ups and downs this week.... I think I'm just glad the ride is over.

So here are the Ups!!

Sophia was chosen to read a petition at her weekly Mass this week.  Her teachers wrote the petition especially for her because they tell me these are the things she prays for at school every day:

"We pray for all the children of the world.  Especially our brothers and sisters in Christ living in Honduras, Ethiopia, Chile and Haiti.  May they follow in God's footsteps. Let us pray to the Lord.  Lord, graciously hear us."

She practiced for a good week...and after only a day or so of practicing...she had the words memorized word for word.  (Memorizing was not required, of course).  She didn't seem nervous one bit...I was sure she would be nervous for the actual performance.  When I saw the steps to the podium, MY stomach was turning...but Miss Sophia....determined in everything she does...walked right up there and read in her excellent reading voice without any sort of hesitation.  I don't know why this surprises me....she is one remarkable little girl.  Can you tell I am one PROUD mama???

I didn't get a picture of her reading (didn't want my camera and flash to distract her) but I got one towards the end of Mass.

The kindergardeners planned a special "Mother's Day Tea" following their mass where they sang songs to the mothers and read them books they had created about their mothers.  It was very sweet... her expressions during the songs were priceless and made my heart melt.  How can this first year be almost already gone??  Can you see her with the pink bow in the back row just belting it out??

One of the other mommies was nice enough to take a picture of the two of us....

And just look at all of these toothless wonders....

Speaking of teeth...Missy lost her FOURTH on Wednesday afternoon... a few hours after this pic was taken!

Another UP this week...the weather...we had a few really pretty we had a few picnics and a few trips to the park.

Here, Joseph was eyeing a tiny little bee that appeared to want a piece of his PB & J!

And after lunch..Mr. Mischievous got a hold of someone else's scooter...

He apparently thought he was being quite the sneak...

He is growing up so quickly....wish I could slow it down.  His conversations just make me laugh.  And I love how he repeats everything I say...well almost.  We played memory this morning ...and a few times I picked the wrong card and said "Darn-it!"  So of course later, I caught him playing by himself and can you guess what he was saying??

He does not seem to be interested in the idea of the big boy potty yet....but he apparently thinks he is no longer a baby.  I dropped some cookies off to a dear teacher friend early in the week, and let the kids play for a bit on the school playground.  Another little girl was there and referred to Joseph as a a "baby" when talking to her mother.  BIG mistake.  Joseph overheard this and said, " I NOT BABY... I BIG BOY!"  I LOVE this little guy to death....

I think I need to start a second website just for my cookies... I am dreaming about a little business...maybe called Cookie Construction or C2 .  Not sure where to even begin...but it might be a fun little adventure for me.

This week...I worked on some mother's day treats and teacher appreciation cookies (pictures to come).  And here are some elephants for a newborn baby boy!

Final UP this week....stitches are OUT....and now my forehead is adorned with "attractive" white tape!


mom2four said...

So sorry about the downs of the roller coaster this week. I was thinking about you and am sure there is a 'reason'...whatever that might be.

On a fun note, I love this round of cookies also! I looked for some that might have broken so I could have an excuse to eat those but...darn it, all were in one piece. I'm going to brainstorm some more names.

Happy Mother's Day!

yiayia said...

I cannot believe how many grown up people were nervous for our Sophia---and how she surprised us all! Maybe she'll become a 'public speaker' like maybe the President!!!!!!!! Ya never know! How proud we are of her. Darling pixs of both of them. <3 Yiayia

Jenn said...

Amalia...thinking about you lots. I know you've had a lot on your plate. But I also know that God has a big plan that just might not be clear yet!!

Love Joseph's conversations :) And way to go Sophia!!!