Sunday, January 9, 2011

How can it be???

My baby boy is already THREE!!!!

Dear sweet little Joseph-

I will never forget how precious you looked the first moment I saw you.  I will never forget how you let me hold you and seemed so content in my arms.  I will never forget how big your binks looked against your tiny little face.  I will never forget how tiny you looked inside all those warm wintery clothes we bundled you in.  I will never forget the gift you were to me....and the way you changed each of our lives.

It's been three years since that very special day....and I don't think our hearts have stopped smiling since!  You have always been so cuddly, so sweet, and so generous with your hugs, kisses and " I love you's!"  I love how you can make conversation with anyone you meet.  I love how you give kisses just because.  I love your sweet inflection and low little voice.  I love how you want to be just like your big sister.  I love your excitement when you spot the UPS truck, and I love how you ask twenty questions about every truck on the road.   I love that you have been my "all-day" buddy while our other half is in school all day!

You certainly know how to wear me out, how to be stubborn, and how to make a rather large mess:)  But I LOVE you anyway!!! You are you and I wouldn't have it any other way!!!

Happy 3, Little J!  But you're still my baby to me!!!
Love you-
(Many,Many more party pictures to share...Stay Tuned!!)


mom2four said...

Awww...Happy Birthday Joseph!! You are so sweet!

koki said...

Happy 3rd Birthday sweet Joseph! Thea loves you so much!!

Polly said...

What a fun birthday party for our 3 year old little angel. We cannot believe YOU are 3 ALL READY!!!!! That precious smile lights up our hearts. Love you little, Joseph. <3 Yiayia