Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lucky Ducky

We had our annual dime cake celebration this past Sunday.  Every New Year's we gather the family for this tradition!  I always make the famous Greek Koulouria cake...carefully hiding a "lucky" dime in the dough without peeking of course!  Then....once everyone arrives...we score the cake and everyone scurries to pick their favorite piece.  Then we watch as the cake is cut, and find out who received the lucky dime.  This year the "lucky ducky" was....

Here are little J and Nouna trying to pick their pieces.

Sophia and Pappou watching while we cut.

Thea...the videographer...(love the new the way:))

And B executing the he takes his job seriously!

Congratulations Anna...hope you have an EXTRA special 2011!!

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