Saturday, January 1, 2011

One look back

I haven't been great about posting pictures of all of our Christmas'm going to post some of the pictures from our 2010 Christmas memories.  Miss S is due back at school in just a few days....and I can hardly believe our break is almost at its end:(  I am not going to lie.. there has been a little more bickering going on at our house the last few weeks, a little more tattling ....and a little more whining.  But....there has also been lots of sharing....plenty of playing together...and even more "I luv you tophia's."

It's always a little sad to put away the ornaments and garland and a bit depressing when the holidays are over and we are forced back into the daily grind.  I am already panicking about getting things ready for J's birthday at the end of this week, and the hubby is once again looking at me like I am crazed....and oh is only the FIRST day of this New Year.  I don't like resolutions per se....just about as much as I don't like change....but I am hopeful that I will turn over a new leaf this year... I am really going to make an effort to welcome some changes in my life...changes that will not make me perfect...but changes that will hopefully make me a better person...a better listener....a better friend... a better mother...a better wife.  Patience... I need a lot of this...and letting go...probably need more of this than anything.  Someone Else's control is greater than mine... I need to recognize this and be at peace with this.

No more dwelling on what I should have done or what might have been....just looking ahead to what will be and celebrating it. look back at some of the sweet memories of Christmas 2010 before beginning anew...

J opening one of his favorite presents this Christmas....Geo Trax from Yiayia and Pappou!

Sophia loving her "home-made" jump rope courtesy of Thea (and Daddy too!)

Thrilled with her new "Tangled" dress-up costume!

Sophia pointing out her birth stone and J's birthstone on the charms for Yiayia's bracelet.

You know what they say..."An APPLE a day.."

This picture will remind me of my most FAVORITE memory this Christmas.  My Sophia has taught me how to hula hoop...FINALLY.... I was so amazed at how quickly she learned (she had lots of practice with her Yiayia...who is the hula hoop expert) when they practiced with the weighted hula hoops at Yiayia's house.  I admit... I have been practicing....and I finally got it. day...Sophia wrote Yiayia a note (one of the many she asks me to drop in the mail).  Well...this note (though I didn't know it at the time) was extra special.  Sophia asked Yiayia in the note to please buy her mama a hula hoop for Christmas!!! She even drew a picture of herself hula hooping!!!!  Yiayia saved the letter, the picture, the envelope AND ordered me my own weighted hula hoop (red and blue of course) so Miss S and I can hula hoop in the basement to our hearts even came with a video.  That amazing letter and picture are tucked safely in Miss S's keepsake box in the basement...and I can't wait to pull it out to show her when she is a mommy someday!  Thank you sweet girl and Yiayia for such a special gift!

The annual Christmas Eve family picture!! (minus Willie who was wandering and didn't make it in on time!)

Christmas morning...loving her Tangled jammies Santa brought her!

And meet Elizabeth....Sophia has even been learning to braid her hair!!

And Mr. J....well he was in heaven with all of his new wheels...mixer trucks, pizza trucks, put-together and fix it trucks, etc!



Polly said...

Whew! it flies by--it's always so crazy--it's so busy for parents---but it's all so worth it. May the Christmas spirit last the year though. <3 Yiayia

Eryn said...

I love the hula hoop story...that is too cute! And the countdown till next Christmas begins! Happy 2011!!!

Maria said...

Lovely family!