Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I feel like we have been missing on the blog the past few weeks.....The truth is life at our house the last few weeks has been pretty mundane....lots of colds and allergies and breathing treatments.....and sick babies...and that is truly NO FUN....   Wiping noses, distributing medicines, changing diapers....oh my.....something so easy can become so difficult when the kiddos are not happy.  Poor Mr. Sam has had an awful cold/sinus infection....and this little guy quickly made it very clear to us that he WOULD NOT allow us to wipe his nose....even though it never stopped running.  Well...living with me....that is just.not.possible.....so wipe, wipe, wipe we went....and cry, cry, cry he went!  This along with  J's nightly croup episodes left b and myself pretty darn tired and cranky.   And...it's only September....hope this is not an indicator of what our household health will be this winter...

So even though things haven't necessarily been roses here.... I did find some picture-worthy moments on my camera!!  I guess life doesn't really stop even when we don't feel too hot!

Here we are having a fun study break at a local coffee shop...  Look at Miss Sophia....she is so intent and serious when it comes to her homework! 

Here is J enjoying his brownie and of course making his usual Joseph mess:)

And Sam.... always along for the ride!

Here is Sophia ready for another night of dance class wearing her blue leotard this time!!  She's so cute!

J's preschool was talking about apples last week...so we had our own taste test at our house.  I cut the apples and numbered them...then we had a taste test without knowing which color apple we were tasting.  The results were a tie (after Sophia changed her original choice to what I had chosen) and the winners were Red Jonathan's and Yellow Golden's!

Poor Sam was soooo not feeling well...but I got some of these smiles that night...and lots of


Yup...that is drool coming from his mouth in the picture below...but I just couldn't edit it out!  It's a memory of that horrible teething they all have to go through, right?  Look at those cute BIG feet!

Painting a race car from our friend's birthday party was a great way to spend a rainy Saturday morning...and J did such a good job!

Look at how hard he is working...

So proud of his work!

And finally we made it to story time at PB kids where we got to see the real George himself!

And there is really a story behind this final picture below... yes... it is my mixer.

I was mixing some cookie dough the other day....and little helper J was on the counter with me....he is always very interested in "helping out" while I make the dough.  At one point of my mixing process... I always take the bowl completely off of the stand so I can really scrape down the sides.... As I was doing this....J pointed out that my mixer looked just like it was going to give him a hug.  I stopped and looked at what he was looking at and realized he was right!  I had never looked at my mixer that way...but without the bowl attached... it really does look like it has "hugging arms."  Amazing...how someone else's perspective can change the way you see things.  My kids definitely do this for me.... sometimes I get so "focused" in the routine that I forget to look beyond what my eyes see.   

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koki said...

All so very precious!! Mixer hugs to all ;). Xoxo Thea