Sunday, September 11, 2011

Never Forget.

It was a beautiful day here today...and eerily reminiscent of the day ten years ago.  Today I prayed an extra prayer for the many fallen heroes of our country.    I pray that they know just how appreciated they are for their sacrifices, and I pray for the families they left behind.   My heart is heavy for their loss.

I prayed also for my own family.... in thanksgiving for the gifts God has given me in the last 10 years.   I am thankful that my children have both a mother and a father.  I am thankful that in their lifetime thus far, they have only known safety and security (and I pray it stays that way).   I am thankful for the freedoms this great country provides.  

So as I remember those who sacrificed so much.... I am also thanking God for the gifts He has given me:

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koki said...

They are lucky to have you as their mama ... Love you. Thea