Friday, September 23, 2011


I kept J home from school on Wednesday because his allergies/asthma were making him feel miserable....but we did have some fun!  We visited Daddy's office and J decided to take over the biz while Papa was away.  I think he would make a pretty good boss, don't you?

And today...Sam discovered something he had never noticed before...

Not great pictures b/c I took them with my phone...grabbed what I could to catch this little guy in the moment:)

I have a feeling he will get pretty used to this washing machine thing...since it pretty much goes non-stop at our house!

And staring at this picture of our laundry room... I have decided it needs an update...we definitely need some new drawer pulls and knobs to jazz it up a bit.  I have a list of "around the house" projects...painting....etc that I am itching to start!!!  Watch out B!

It's been an exhausting two weeks....Sophia seems to have kicked this cold/virus and I thought J and Sam were beginning to turn a corner...WRONG... I think it may just be starting over again.....We may just keep the Kleenex industry in business this year:(

Happy Weekend!

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