Thursday, September 8, 2011

One more send off...

Mr. J started PRESCHOOL on Wednesday....he just seems too little for me to be sending him away.... even if it is for just a few hours.  He seemed excited the day before...but I was a bit concerned when he started telling others that Mommy was going to be there with him ( like I had been at his orientation). 

Here he is ready to go...trying to hold his bag that is almost bigger than him.  Speaking of bags...we purchased the cutest backpack for him BEFORE we found out that he had to carry the plain ole canvas bag given by the school:(

Don't you just love all these smiles? can just tell he is VERY tired of mommy trying to get a "good" picture!

We headed off early so we could catch the All School Mass before preschool.  J pretty much had ants in his pants the entire time...would.not.sit.still.  Thankfully, Yiayia joined us and offered to stay with Sam when we had to head out early to get J to the preschool doors on time.  (Unfortunately I missed Sam "jamming out" to the Church music as Yiayia carried him up with her in the communion line.  We have noticed that he likes to move his head back and forth when he gets excited or hears fun music, so we've given him the nickname "Stevie," for Stevie Wonder, of course:)

Here is J outside of church...looking a wee bit nervous.

Ahhh.... a friend we knew from My Gym.....makes it a little easier when you can walk into a new place with a buddy!  These two were one of the first in the classroom, thankfully.  After I walked out of the room... I, of course, "hung out" outside the door and peered in to watch J for a bit.  There were still a few children coming in...and I noticed a few of them were clinging to their parents....once the others in line behind them saw their nervousness, it was like a domino effect...everyone started tearing up!!! Oh thank goodness J was already in the room and didn't see this!

Here is Joseph hanging up his bag with Mrs. M ( she is the SWEETEST!)  and laughing that his silly name tag keeps falling off of his shirt..... He is too funny!

And showing off his decorated apple that we did at home.

Finding the toys...

And of course once he found the CARS....he felt at home right away!

He came home a few hours later happy and exhausted, telling me his favorite part was riding the tricycle at recess....just as it should be:)  Love you my little J.....those teachers and classmates are so lucky to have you! 

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koki said...

Priceless. Love you handsome mr. preschooler! Xoxo Thea