Sunday, March 11, 2012

Car show!

The Auto Show was in KC this weekend...and how could we resist taking our favorite "car loving" little guy?  Big thank you to Thea who volunteered to watch Big and little S so we could take some time with our middle man J.  It's so rare that we get time with just J by himself...without big Sister and without little brother.... B and I really enjoyed having a little special time with just him!!

We saw a few fun cars including this one....made out of corks!! ( The iPhone pics just don't do it justice!)

The jeep exhibit was by far J's fave!  They were offering free rides to demonstrate just how durable they are....going up steep hills and over uneven terrain and bumps.  J really wanted to go for a ride...but he just wasn't tall enough to meet the requirements.  Boy... do I know how that feels!!! But we sure had fun watching the jeeps go through the course over and over!!!

If he just had his Halloween costume (race car driver)... he would have fit right in!!

Just can't get enough of those jeeps!!!

He sat in a few cars....but told me in the end the red smart car was his favorite....that's what he would like for his 5-year old birthday...just in case anyone is wondering... HA!!!

We've had our struggles with this little guy....he sure can cause some trouble....he loves mischief, and knows well how to get under our skin... Just last night... I got VERY upset with him for holding a large mouthful of water in his mouth and then spitting it all over himself and the carpet "just for fun."  I pulled off his jammie shirt and made him sleep just in his tee shirt (b/c his jammies were soaking).  I felt very guilty all night that I had overreacted....this little guy just doesn't want us to forget about him.   I imagine being the middle man can be hard sometimes.  Always having to keep little toys away from little brother...and always wanting to be as BIG as big sister.  

Well little J.... just for the record... despite all of your craziness, silliness, and loudness... we love, love, love you more than you'll ever know.  You turned our world upside down the day you were born...and I don't think my feet have touched the ground since!:)

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yiayia said...

I'm so glad the 3 of you went!!!! I particularly love the pix of J on daddy's shoulders!!! I can just see him toolin' around in a Smart car--it's just his size! He is just the cutest of cute. <3