Sunday, March 4, 2012

Surgery and Stuff....

Sammy survived his little surgery last week....In addition to the tubes in his ears...the doctor also removed his adenoids.  I had some concern that his adenoids might be large, and sure enough...the doctor confirmed that.  Surgery was still pretty speedy even with the added adenoids removal....but the waking up part was not so fun.  Poor little guy cried and cried.  I completely understand his pain.... waking up from surgery is always such a strange feeling.  It's hard to watch your baby cry and cry and not be able to console him.  

But sure enough...just as the doctor afternoon he had a little spunk back...and even a hankering for one of mama's cookies:)

He loved that Yiayia offered him not one but TWO cookies...mmmm....

Amazing to me that he was already bright eyed again by late afternoon.

We hoped that the surgery would help this little guy sleep...but the first few nights after the surgery offered little relief for him.  He was up almost every hour....ugghhh....

I called the doctor worried that something was wrong....but he put my mind at ease.  I think a new tooth coming in might be the culprit this week....and maybe some allergies.... but hopefully in the long run... he will have more comfort in his little ears.

What a stinker...  He loves to hide in this spot!

Sophia and I had her First Holy Communion retreat this weekend, and birthday party after birthday party....
but we still had a little time for a few games....Zingo is always a favorite between these two.

And while they were playing...Sammy found some of my mixing bowls... at least these were plastic!

Sneaking kleenex's and wipes is also a favorite past time.  Not sure why he continues to try and "eat " them....doesn't look like they are too tasty!

Watching the birthday balloon from the Justin "BEAVER" (as Joseph calls him) party kept Sammy pretty busy this weekend (until he accidentally popped it early this morning:( ).

We have devised a "cage" (as Brett calls it) for those times when we are desperate to get a few things finished without having to worry about Sammy opening dishwasher soap...dropping glass bowls and trying to run up stairs.

He really only likes this play space when his buddies join him inside.

And this one....I don't think there will be any stopping it....she will be EIGHT in less than a few months. Soo grown up... I remember when she was too afraid to walk to her classroom in Kindergarten and I walked her in for the first few months.  I miss those days.


Jenn said...

So glad the surgery went well. I kept checking your blog to see if you had posted an update! Praying he gets some good relief soon and that you all get a complete night of SLEEP!!!

koki said...

<3 <3 <3 all these pics! xxoo, thea

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