Friday, March 9, 2012

Spring Break....

Day One...

It wouldn't be a vacation from school without a trip to the doctor!  HA...   Today's visit was to check on J's sad looking finger (some sort of blister looking almost infected), and since Sammy didn't want to be left out of the fun...he decided to hold on to this nasty congestion and cough.  At least his ears were still free of infection.....tubes have been in place for a little over a week.  The doctor thinks it may be ANOTHER cold.... I am not so sure I agree....this little guy is sick almost weekly (and no I don't run a daycare out of my house where he would be contracting all of these viruses!!)....I am suspecting ALLERGIES.  Not a big surprise in these every single one of us suffers miserably from the dreaded allergies...included Willie the Wheaten:)  

We had a fun visit from a leprechaun at our house this morning....and after our doctor's visit...lunch at Panera.  It's rare that we all three get to have lunch together (with Sophia usually being in school) so this was an extra special treat!  And even more of a treat when we ran into some sweet friends!

Hoping to plan a few more fun things during Sophia's time off!

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