Friday, March 23, 2012

Off to the Zoo

No...we are not headed to the zoo again.....

"Off to the Zoo" was the name of the musical the second graders performed this week!  Pretty perfect that my Sophia was chosen to be a Safari Guide... especially after we scored the perfect "Zoo Guide Vest" at the St. Louis Zoo last week! I tried ever so hard to get her to wear this hat of J's...thought it was perfect for her role....but I just could not convince her.  I told her that we (Brett and myself)  thought it was cute and perfect for the role....but her response... "You're just ADULTS... of course you'd say that!"  Too funny...and too stubborn.  She did wear it for one picture, however, before passing it on to her wannabe brother who more than willingly donned it the rest of the evening.

Sophia was "front and center"... the only problem being the microphone was blocking her face during much of the performance:(

I loved how animated she was throughout the whole show!

Here's another onlooker....but he's fooling you... he did NOT sit this still during the whole performance.  And yes...I am aware I am letting him chew on keys (don't even want to think about the germs he is getting)...but gotta do what you gotta do!!

Here she is ready for her speaking part... just a short line about going to the crocodile exhibit!

Whew!  A big smile when her line was finished!

J was very attentive.... he had been so excited about Sophia's "reformance" all day!

She was all smiles at the end of the program... she had me a bit nervous mid-way through....I had my zoom lens and all of a sudden I could see she had this horrible look on her face... I even turned to Brett and asked him if she was okay.... She looked like she was going to get sick!  But she survived and I think it was just nerves!

Whew... we only had a four day school week this week...but it seemed like an eternity after being on a relaxed spring break schedule last week.  I spent much of the week conversing with doctors (either my own....another story for another day) or the kids'.  The strep didn't end with Brett and Sammy....J picked it up too.   And I thought we were turning a corner today until B brought Willie home from the groomers...and of course as soon as he walked out the door to head back to work....Willie's tummy episodes began...uggghhh...and on the carpet of course!:(

But on a good note...we are working hard to keep Sammy awake all morning now...down to one nap (since he's not a great napper anyway).  It's rare that the two of us have time by ourselves...but we did this morning as Sophia was at school...Joseph was at preschool...and Willie was at the Groomers.  Wow....this little guy keeps me soooo busy... if he is not trying to break into cabinets, open the microwave or grab my computer mouse from my desk....then he is trying to sneak up the stairs.  

But those matter what he is into.....they get me every time!

Happy Happy Weekend!

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