Monday, June 18, 2012

Daddy Day 2012

We had a relaxing Father's Day this past weekend.  Poor J was having a bad allergy day and a bit of the grumps ( I couldn't get him in the pictures for the life of me).  Daddy stayed home with the boys in the morning since I was worried they weren't feeling 100% for Church.

And when Sophia and I returned...she was pretty excited to give him her home-made cards and her bookmark that she had made at school especially for Father's Day.

Here is the card we made together for Daddy....I saw the idea somewhere in blogland...wish I could remember where so I could give credit where credit is due.....  We had a little trouble finding all of the candies...but ended up finding all but one!  It all turned out pretty cute in the end (even though  I had to make a late trip to the grocery store the night before to buy another Butterfinger after we searched high and low for the one we originally purchased..hmmm....!

Sammy had his eye on the Mounds bar...

We got to visit both Pappou and Papa in the afternoon...and were back home in time for dinner and a bike ride...Sammy's first ride on the back of Daddy's bike.  He LOVED it....even though he had to wear a princess helmet....J's first helmet was already too small him!

Oh....and of course a few last minute cookies....perfect for our Daddy...He rarely ever wears a cookie tie seemed more fitting:)

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