Friday, June 29, 2012

Donut Day

We headed out early last Saturday morning for a Donut Day.  We have a few donut places close to our house that we frequent....but we ventured just a teeny bit further to one of our favorite donut stops so the kids could also watch the donuts being made!  Always makes for a fun and easy breakfast!

J chose chocolate with sprinkles, of course!

And I think that is probably the amount of donut he ate below....this kid has so much energy....and he HARDLY eats!!  He always gets so excited about going to get donuts....but he has never been a huge fan of actually eating them!

Now Sophia, on the other hand, WILL eat donuts...she'd eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner if she could:)

Little Sammy enjoyed his too (what doesn't this kid eat??HA!) Sorry about the blurry picture...but thought this smile was too cute to pass up! He was getting tickles from Big Sister, of course!

Learning the ropes of donut-making.  I LOVED watching the racks as the donuts were rising....geez...if only I had that kind of equipment in my kitchen....can you imagine what kind of fun I would have???

Sammy thought it was pretty neat too...or maybe he just saw a broom or fan behind the glass....those are his TWO favorite things at the moment...and he seems to spot them wherever we go.

Later in the afternoon I ran a few solo errands and found this note on my desk when I returned...  I guess Sophia was hoping to win some big bucks for us in Vegas!! She is so funny!

It has been 100 degrees this week....and we just discovered that our air conditioner has lost the battle to the heat....the fans are going strong here....and we are definitely hoping for a quick fix tomorrow!!!! Happy Weekend!

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Kelsey Bakalar said...

Hope the AC got fixed...yuck! The pics are darling. Lola loves "the donut factory," as she calls it.