Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer Pickins'

The last few weeks have not gone at all as I had planned...  I had high hopes of planning fun summer activities every day....but a few things have gotten in the way....just another reminder that Someone Greater is in control, and as much as I would like to be (in control)....sometimes... I just need to roll with whatever comes my way.

One fun outing we did get to make last week was to the Blueberry Patch.  I only have a few blueberry lovers in our fact...I'm not really sure whether Missy has ever even tried a blueberry before....but our picking adventures were sure fun, nonetheless!

J was working really hard to find all the big, plump berries!

Sammy was content watching from his cool long as I tossed a few berries his way every once in a while:)

Missy got pretty serious about her surprise here:)

And I tried to get a picture of all three when we had finished....still practicing with this Instagram thing....and of course I got them all having to squint:)

I love how this little guy will try almost anything...(he doesn't always keep things in his mouth if he later decides he doesn't like them...) but he definitely loves his blueberries!

And would you believe I haven't even baked anything blueberry yet from the nearly 2 pounds of blueberries we picked? I have just enjoyed eating them in their yummy fresh, sweet state.  And now that I have actually had to handpick berries... I don't think I will complain about the high cost of blueberries at the grocery store anymore.   This is definitely hard work!

The kids and I had so much fun trying to find the "best" berries to put in our buckets...and we are already planning our next trip back!

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