Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer Entertainment

I love the relaxed schedule of summer.   I love having a library day.  I love getting to go outside at any time of the day without having to worry with jackets or even socks.  BUT....when summer arrives.... I quickly realize how HARD it can be to find FUN activities for the littles to do, especially when certain little 4 year olds wake up from rest time already asking what we are going to do next...

I heart Pinterest.  What a fun way for people to pool all of their activities and interests so that everyone can benefit!!!  I found this easy little activity on Pinterest from this blog...

Most of the things you need for this... are probably already in your pantry....
1.  plastic containers
2.  plastic squeeze bottles
3.  Big box of Baking Soda
4.  Vinegar (I LOVE this works miracles....cleans like no other without all those harsh chemical smells....and even makes glass SHINE!)
5.  Food coloring

I sent the olders outside while I gathered all of these...

Of course it took me a little while to get everything ready with this crazy climber in the house...

If I leave the kitchen for a second...he has climbed onto a chair, desk, and yes...even the kitchen table!!!!

And just to digress a little is another cute picture (I tried to take with my phone..sorry for the blur) of my little guy from earlier in the week.  We came home from the pool to find the H family had left us their fun rocking caterpillar on our porch.  It didn't take Sammy long at all to warm up to his new friend:)

Okay...and back to the experiment.... Basically, I filled the tubs with a good amount of Baking Soda....poured vinegar into the squeeze bottles, mixed a little food coloring in each...and let the kids go to town squeezing...

They immediately loved watching the colored liquids bubble and fizz once they touched the Baking Soda.
Sophia was VERY cautious about making hers LOOK neat... imagine that!

I think she may have been trying to make a picture out of it.... a caterpillar?

And J just squeezed to his little heart's content.

His was a wet mess of fizz when he was finished...but he was thrilled with his results!  And he was more excited when I told him if we left the containers to would turn to a moon sand consistency...good for some sand play later.... Of course, I think his is still too damp even after we left it outside all day to dry!

And I finally jumped on the Instagram bandwagon much fun!  Took this picture with my phone of Sophia's dried "sand."

And still more camera play...this time in Sammy's new shades:)

Happy Weekend!

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koki said...

Fun, fun!! Wish I could be on summer vaca with you ;). Xxoo Thea