Tuesday, June 16, 2009

And the prognosis is...

So, Doctor Sophia...what is the prognosis?

"Well, his stomach is grumbling a lot....so, he probably has diabetes. You need to give him some Pediatric Partners medicine!"

Well... though the diagnosis was a little off....we did find out that Joseph had "the croup" a few days after this...not sure his symptoms were indicative of diabetes:)....but at least this doctor had an excellent bedside manner! Do I see med school in her future???


yiayia said...

Bless her heart. A perfect profession for my 'brilliant' little grand-daughter!!!! He loves her so much----and she tries soooooo hard to be a little 'mama' to him. Adorable. <3

koki said...

Watch out for the future Sophia P. Standard, M.D.!!!!! :)