Thursday, June 18, 2009

Our Wild Willie

Prayer for a dog
by Phylis Feiner Johnson

Treat me gently beloved master, and I will love you with a full and happy heart.

Show me patience and I will learn to understand your every word and action. I will even protect you with my life if yours is at any time in danger.

Speak to me often, for your voice is music to my ears and I await even the simple sound of your footsteps, knowing soon you will be near.

Shelter me from nature's bitter cold and wet and I in return will warm your feet beside the hearth. Or, if life should be unkind, I will find a place of comfort for us both, for your pleasure is my dearest wish.

Play with me, for I seek your challenge just as I seek to please you. I will follow a thrown ball to the ends of the earth if you choose it and I will swim the seven seas just to see you smile.

Fill my bowl with fresh water and see that I'm well fed, for I cannot speak to ask you and am completely at your mercy. But my trust in you is so complete, I know you will never do me wrong.

And beloved master, when I grow old and the time comes to say farewell, hold me gently in your arms and I will go without a whimper. For with you I am safe and secure. A dog who gave love and received it with a grateful heart.

Nine years ago today, he was born. When we saw Willie in the pet store in August of 2000, he stole our hearts. It probably wasn't perfect timing... we hadn't even been married two months....and we both had full time jobs. But his cute little face seemed to be calling our name. We decided to bring him home and we haven't been the same since. We were certain Willie would be identical to the laid-back, easy-going Wheaten Terrier named Miles that we had always admired in our neighborhood where we grew up. Well, Willie had a different plan. Though he is far from easy going, and definitely not laid back (as evidenced by the fact that he must take a "puppy prozac" daily), his loving personality is something so incredible... I can't put it into words. He really is our first baby. Willie is a person in our house. He is my third child. And though he can be a challenge at times...
(he takes more allergy meds than all of us combined, he jumps on any guest that comes in the house, he shakes uncontrollably when a fire alarm battery goes bad or when Joseph, unmonitored, presses the button on the carbon monoxide detector, he spits out his medicines if they are not wrapped in cheese appropriately, he hides when he knows it is bath time, and he occasionally licks the entire house before his tummy is about to get upset)
...we can not imagine our lives without him. He is smarter than we are, he can tell time, he has excellent ears, he is our best protector, he LOVES Brett, Sophia and Joseph and would do anything in his power to keep them safe. He is forgiving....he loves us unconditionally.... even when we aren't the best masters. He probably feels like his world has been taken over by trucks and dolls and loud children (especially one in particular who loves to pull his hair). But he loves us all the same. Animals are amazing.... and they teach us sooo much.

We hope you had a great day, Willie. Thanks for all the joy you give us....and here's to many many more years! Love you , love you Willie Bear!


yiayia said...

Oh, Lia. Where did you find that prayer---? It would make anyone bring a tear, especially those of us who have loved and lost. He still looks like a puppy. Bless his heart. Happy Birthday, Willie. <3

koki said...

love you Willie . . . remember I helped name you and potty train you! Seems like yesterday. xoxo, thea