Saturday, June 6, 2009

A "Wobbly" Week

So, it has been a whirlwind of a week to say the least. Our Vegas trip seems a distant memory...and speaking of Vegas... I guess you could say the odds weren't on our side this week. A few little bumps in the road this week..but in an effort to see the glass half "full" I am going to post some pictures of the things that made me breathe a little easier this week.

First and foremost....our baby girl is now proudly sporting her first loose tooth! Before our horribly traumatic 6 month dentist appointment this week (we all know how this little girl dreads the dentist), Sophia assured me that the tooth fairy had already visited her room as evidenced by the "wing" that she left in her room. I chuckled at her imagination.... but later realized maybe she had some sort of "premonition" that the tooth fairy WOULD be visiting her room soon! She is pretty excited about this upcoming visit and has already picked out the rubber duck (at Beauty Brands) that the tooth fairy SHOULD bring her when this important event occurs.

She gave me a big smile so I could see this spectacular loose is on the bottom and, though you can't see it in the picture, already has a permanent tooth poking through behind it! Excuse the blue fingernail.... we don't normally have dirty fingernails in our house...but when we made a "magic potion" the other day Missy just couldn't resist overuse of the blue food coloring...but it is pretty fun to squirt that stuff out of the tiny bottle, don't ya think?

Thursday's running injury coupled with a few lousy days of crying, diaper rash, and still more teething...almost got the best of me. But remember...I'm looking for the good here. So despite the allergy flare ups today...we found some good on this windy, warm Saturday. Sophia was finally able to fly her new kite. A perfect day!

Here is the kite getting ready to take off:

After Daddy showed Sophia the ropes...she got the hang of it pretty quickly! It was fun to see her run with the wind and watch the kite as it got higher and higher!

Poor little Joseph has had a rough week of teething and diaper rash...but he was pretty excited to see what this whole kite thing was first...

But then...his curiosity got the best of him...and a few other things seemed a bit more interesting...i.e., the leaves in the grass...the soccer goals, the dogs and even the neighbor's back step. He just made himself right at home!!!

Another little bump in the road...

but no worries...things are looking UP!


yiayia said...

God love 'em. One could just see the fun in their eyes. Can't believe 'Missy' and her tooth! She's growing up waaaaaaaaaaaay tooooooo fast for Yiayia!!!! <3

Anna Banana KC said...

Don't eat the grass!