Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cutting Loose!

I didn't cut Sophia's hair till she was three... but I guess that is just another one of the differences between boys and girls. My little guy will probably need a few more cuts than Sophia! I, of course, was very apprehensive about this cut...not just because it was his first, but because I was not ready to part with those sweet curls along his neck! Tonight was the big night! Not only did he sit close enough to "still" as he could (sitting really still is just something we haven't accomplished yet), but he left Shear Madness with those same cute little curls...only now they look a little neater...and my little man looks a little older!

Here are the before pics:

He's a cute little guy even when his allergies are making him feel horrible!!!

Here is the brave boy during the cut....And what is that in his mouth???? Wait a minute...is he actually eating something AND somewhat liking it????? YES.... he, in fact, did appear to enjoy his first lollipop....for a few minutes at least!!!!!

Almost Finished...

Ta-Da... Here is our handsome little man....I should have gotten a back shot so you could see that his curls are still there....but my camera was acting a bit funky. I keep telling Brett that there is something wrong with it and I've checked the settings repeatedly....Am I being dishonest if I forget to mention to him the number of times I have recently dropped the camera on some pretty hard surfaces???? Oops!

I'm so proud of this little guy....no tears during his first haircut... UNTIL it was time to get out of that fun fire truck chair. Thankfully Daddy was there to take him out for a little walk afterwards!

Missy joined in on the excitement today as well! She loves getting her hair trimmed as long as she gets to sit in her favorite pink car...and she did. When she found out that Joseph was getting to go first she was traumatized and broke out in tears. She was so worried someone else would take HER pink car. Fortunately the hair dresser let her "claim" the car while Joseph got started! Here are her before pics:

Here are Joseph and Daddy watching Sophia get her hair cut:

And here is the princess after her haircut. Notice the new pink barrettes she put in her hair immediately after!

After a LONG rainy day inside with workers in the house all day... I am ready to CUT LOOSE myself! :)


yiayia said...

Can it be that he's ALL READY old enough for haircuts! He looks like a handsome little doll STILL! Guess this will become somewhat of a regular thing now! And my Sophia---she's such a GIRLIE girl! Pink Pink Pink. <3

Anna Banana KC said...

Love the outfit! -Anna