Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Sophia brought home her home-made kindergarten Christmas tree ornament this week! I still have my ornament that I made when I was in kindergarten. Someday when she grows up she will be able to show her own children the FIRST ornament she made in school. I told her it would be an "heirloom." Just read Fancy Nancy's new Christmas book and you will understand why! She was so excited to find a spot on our tree and of course was more than willing to pose for a few pics.

There are still so many things I want to do with the kids before Christmas...but time is slipping away from me. Wish I had all my shopping done so I could just focus on the fun stuff!!! Of course one thing I have been doing is....can you guess....



I LOVE sugar cookies... I love mixing them, rolling the dough, cutting them AND decorating them!!! Bakerella gave me the idea for those cute cupcakes....not your traditional Christmas cookie...but still festive!

Today I had some help from my more experienced helper. Sophia helped "paint" on the red sanding sugar for my Santa's! She had SOOOO much fun and was pretty proud of her work! So was I! My other little helper was napping at the time. Otherwise he would have joined right in. He is quite the baker himself these days. Anytime I am at the kitchen counter and he spots a bowl or mixing spoon out... he drags his chair from the kitchen table to the island and attempts to "climb up!" He has a fascination with my mixer that might just top my own!!!!

So here is little Missy working on her Santas:

The Santas turned out pretty cute if I must say so myself. Now for the fun part....putting them in pretty packages and spreading some Christmas cheer to teachers, friends and family!!!


mom2four said... are so talented!

Polly said...

'These ARE the good times'!!!!!! PRECIOUS precious precious! Sophia did a fantabulous job! Like mother like daughter!!!! She's got a smile that melts me. <3

koki said...

i saw that cute ornament on the tree today . . . loved it! and of course, always love your baking. looks like your skills are rubbing off on your children now! xoxo