Friday, December 4, 2009

You'd better not pout...

.....Cause Santa Claus is comin to town!!!!

Our elf, Kite Yellow (Sophia's chosen name for him last year) has arrived again at our house....keeping a watchful eye out for all of those good girls and boys....And Santa Claus came to town today too! We visited Santa at Church today as we do every year. Sophia was such a good big sister and held J's hand the whole time. He was a little skeptical at first...but sat pretty comfortably on Santa's lap long enough for us to get some cute pics! Sophia asked for a princess castle and J told Santa he wanted Yiayia's car!!! What a riot!

Later in the day we worked on Sophia's official letter to Santa Claus. Here's what Sophia wrote:

"Dear Santa,
I would like a princess castle. I would like a brown doll and a dog. I also like Snow White and Belle."

She even drew a picture for Santa just in case he needed more detail!!

I spent much of my day trying to build our annual gingerbread house. Last year we made SIX. I found a small pattern that we recreated six times and we decorated them each differently. So this year... I tried to be more creative and use a different recipe and a much bigger template. BAD IDEA. First recipe.....did not taste right (not sure why I care about taste... we don't really eat the houses....but it just didn't smell like a yummy gingerbread house should). You know how important SMELL is to me!!! So, back to the drawing board....made last year's recipe with this year's template....but it just did not work out! I'm sorry Martha Stewart....your projects always look much easier than they really are...and maybe if I had some of your staff...and cleaner uppers...maybe, just maybe....I could do it. I HATE to admit it.....but I just can't keep up with Martha. I'm more of an Ina kind of gal anyway!! :)

So thankfully....the hubby came to my rescue. After I dreadfully messed up one of the parts and trashed it...he showed me how we could recreate a different pattern with the pieces I still had left. Whew! What would I do without him! So...we attempted....and we might possibly have a gingerbread house by the end of the Christmas season...but for now I'm taking a break. Not thrilled with our architecture....tried to recreate our dream house...remember this?

But our house didn't quite turn out that way....I will hopefully be able to post some pictures of it post construction!!! Keep your fingers crossed.

So snow is in the forecast for this week....Ahhh just a week ago we were doing this:

One final picture of my guy watching the train go around the tree....

Too bad he just couldn't resist and keep his hands off when it was going....the train is out of commission now! Daddy needs to work his "Mr Fix it" magic!


yiayia said...

AWWWWWWWWWWWW! Two cuties! And I love love love the door on your gingerbread house! Cause............I love that 96th St. door, too!! :-) <3 Yiayia PS. Hope you all are good girls and boys---it's getting close!

Jenn said...

Oh that letter to Santa...just melted my heart ;) Your kids are just insanely cute!!!