Tuesday, April 27, 2010


It's a boy AND a girl for my cousin Lindsay and her husband, Justin!  I had so much fun with these cookies for Owen and Olivia....Hope those sweet babies continue to get stronger so they can come home from the hospital soon!

Hard to believe it was 6 SHORT years ago tonight that our lives were about to be changed forever....  Six years ago tonight... the only pitter patter of feet we heard in our house came from Mr. Willie.  Little did we know how Miss Sophia was about to turn our world upside down.  Can't even imagine my life without her.  Check back tomorrow for some BIRTHDAY GIRL pictures!


mom2four said...

Cute, cute cookies!!!! I just sent you an email. Nance

Lindsay Schmidt said...

The cookies look amazing and taste fabulous! It was a great treat to eat them on the way home from the hospital last night (and a few more today already!). Thank you so much!


Kelsey Bakalar said...

Linds shared the cookies...they were darling and yummy!