Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunny Daze

We have had beautiful sunshine here all weekend!  The kids had their spring pictures taken yesterday....and we couldn't have been blessed with better weather.  It was truly "Picture Perfect."  Before we undressed the kids... I had to take a few pictures of them by our neighborhood lake.  I need some practice "picture taking" in bright sunshine...  but at least I got a few of the kids in their springy ensembles!!

As you can see... I did a great job capturing their BACKS....they were too fast for me and Brett and I paranoid that J was going to head straight for the water!!

So we kind of gave up on picture taking and headed for the park.... I got a little better at photographing their faces while they were playing.  Miss Sophia was pretty proud of herself for doing the monkey bars all by herself!!

This morning....the weather was gorgeous once again....and I was able to get to my camera quick enough when I spotted the little munchkins hugging each other.  I can just hear Joseph saying " I love you too, doodah!"  

Now if I could just enjoy the weather WITHOUT would be good....but I'm not complaining!  Enjoy your week!


mom2four said...

I'm so glad you ended up deciding on those outfits! So cute! Nance

yiayia said...

That huggable pix is the best!!!! And you know those blue eyes melt me....and you captured them!!!!! Darling darling darling. <3

Eryn said...

Sophia's hair is so beautiful!!...and Joe's eyelashes...not fair! Had soooo much fun with them last weekend! Can't wait to move around the corner!