Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cupcake Crazy

Sophia gets to bring treats to school on Wednesday for her birthday.... I've been so busy lately... I thought I would just make some plain ol chocolate chippers....but then I found this idea HERE.

They were too darn I thought  I would give them a try....I still need some practice...but I thought they would be a hit with the kindergardeners.  Too bad Miss Sophia decided she prefers a store bought cookie cake!  OH MY!!!! How can this daughter selecting a "not from scratch" birthday treat????? Well.. like the saying says... "Let them have cake."  So cookie cake it will be...and I guess these guys will have to find a new home.

This is what my work station looks like while icing...

Now that I can pretty much make my royal icing in my sleep...(remember a few months ago when I wanted to pull my hair out over it???) I think it's time for some experimenting...I'm looking for more shine.....I guess that means I will have to start doing some more research and I'm sure that means I will need lots more practice, darn!

And here are some cookies I just finished for a little boy's first communion...

Here's a sneak peek at a game I bought at Tuesday Morning (always looking for bargains) for Sophia's Mermaid party.  It's like a ring toss but uses foam balls instead and the targets are of course water creatures.  Shhh.... Team Sophia had a few practice rounds today..but don't tell the other party guests!

She got pretty good...and pretty excited about it.  Of course it will be more fun outside on a sunny day or even in the pool.  I'm already saying a few prayers that the sun will be shining on her special day. As you can see...Joe just had fun throwing the balls and chasing them!  Imagine that!

So I have a feeling Miss Sophia will be missing something in a very short while.  Any guesses?  Hint:  It's white and wiggly.


Amanda said...

Those cookies are AMAZING!!! Just gorgeous!!! You rock girl!


mom2four said...

Thanks for the First Communion cookies...they look great, as usual!!! :) Those cupcake cookies are adorable!!!!