Friday, July 23, 2010

60 Years Young!

Whew!  What a week.  I can't possibly imagine why I am sooo exhausted.... Might it be....
1.  The excessive heat has forced me to keep the kids INSIDE the majority of the week
2.  To burn off energy....S and J have been finding it fun to run around in circles around the house with some of my modge podged pails over their heads
3.  I have been up to the wee hours with my hands in dough or frosting

We did do a few fun things worth mention this week...the first of which was celebrating Papa's 60th Birthday!

 I love birthday cakes... I love the excitement in the kids' eyes when they help blow out the candles.  I love watching Sophia close her eyes to make a wish even when it is not her special day.  Omi made a fantastic cake to celebrate the big day...and boy did we ever have fun blowing out those candles.  I'm not sure how many times we relit the candles just so everyone could have a turn blowing them out!!!!

Papa...thanks for ALWAYS being your silly self and for all the laughs you give us!  You are 60 years YOUNG and sooooo full of life.  I just couldn't help smiling at these pictures of you with my babies...who were sooo excited to celebrate with you!

Of course can't leave out some cookies for our guy...

We had a break from the hot sun for at least a little bit one day this week. So one late afternoon, when the skies turned gray and I heard the beginnings of some faint rumbles of thunder...we headed outside with some paper and food coloring.  We worked quickly to sprinkle the colors all over the papers....and placed them in the grass...and waited. We waited just like Ki-Pat waited in the book we read earlier in the week, called "Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain."  This book is a must read for children... it is a 70 year old African tale with repetitive verses modeled much like the cumulative nursery rhyme, "The House that Jack Built."  And just like the story... it didn't just start to rain at our house... it POURED. The winds picked up and I thought the papers were just going to be a memory.  But thanks to the hubby....they were salvaged...and we ended up with what I would call a rain splattered work of art!!!

When I tried to get a picture of our papers camera fogged up from the humidity...and this is all I got.  But you kind of get the drift...

Other adventures included a trip to the library and the Miniature Toy Museum (we loved the marble exhibit,  the special 50 years Barbie exhibit, and all of the tiny 18th century doll houses filled with exquisite and detailed miniature furnishings).  And finally, we ended the week with a visit to Thea's pool with some good friends.  Thanks for hosting a fun play day in the sun!!!

Ahhh....the sound of sleeping children.... and not even the hum of the Kitchen Aid mixer tonight....  I can certainly tell it is Friday..

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Eryn said...

haha I love that you got a pic of Joe basically eating the candle flame! The cookies were so cool! Can't wait to spend time with the kids this week! It will be too much fun!