Friday, July 16, 2010


I'm feeling a bit blogs as of late...have seemed to revolve a lot around my baking!!!  As I was folding laundry this morning... I was listening to the kids on the monitor while they were playing upstairs.  The conversations between them can be pretty funny.  They are both getting so big... I hope when they get older I will be able to remember all of these "everyday" moments.  I hope they will someday be able to look back at these crazy blogs from their mother and learn a little about what they were like!

Miss Sophia...  Age 6....going on 26!  My dear are growing up soooo quickly!  These days you LOVE LOVE LOVE to read.  Every WANT to sit in my room and read quietly to yourself.  You read the same books over and over and can retell the pages from memory.  Your favorite books right now....Junie B. Jones (I am addicted to them as much as you!!) and your Toy Story 3 book.  You love all of the characters in this movie...especially Jessie...the doll that you just got today as a SPECIAL reward for filling up your GOOD BEHAVIOR chart.  You are an artist and LOVE to draw.  Your handwriting has become incredibly neat...and your coloring is impeccable.  You often get very upset when your pictures don't turn out exactly as you envision or when your little "bother" draws a random line on one of your pictures.  You are stubborn at are like to keep things in their place (wonder where that came from).  You worry a lot about silly things...but things that are important to you.  I never know what will scare you...characters in movies, toys, etc.  You love to listen to your Toy Story cd and dance to it for hours.  You learned the words in less than a day!  You have an incredible don't like to lose any games!  Right love to play tennis with  daddy and me.

You are very persnickety.  You like routine.  You love chocolate ice cream and want it in a cone even though you never take more than a bite of the cone.  You love to eat Haagen Daaz (the mini containers with the plastic have good taste!) .  You have never liked fruit and still request that I take the skins off of your apples and pears.  You hate cereal...and make breakfast a challenge every day for your mama!!  But the most recent breakfast success....BACON!!! That's right...put aside all those home-made breads and muffins I have tried to no like microwavable bacon!!!

You will be in first grade before I know it and Joseph and I will not know what to do with ourselves all day.   I can't even imagine how dull my world would be without you in it.  I love you forever, I'll like you for always... as long as I'm living my baby you'll be.

Mr. Joseph....Age 2 1/2   My silly little make everyday an adventure for me.  You generally love to give hugs and kisses ( or licks, these days...not sure where that came from).  You are all BOY and definitely TWO.  You are quite the pill these days....and you are learning how to outsmart us in more ways than one!  You still love your "truckies" and your cars.  You love to lay on your tummy and line them up in neat little rows.

You follow your big sister "Doodah" (as you call her) like a little puppy.  You do not like to sit still.  You still occasionally like to "chew" on your sister and you think the word "Dummyhead" which you learned ONE time from your sister repeating something out of a Junie B book, is the funniest word around.  We have tried ignoring it...we have tried putting you in the corner for saying it...but it still seems to come out of that little mouth of yours...and of course at the most inopportune times!!  When you misbehave..we ask you if you want to go to the corner...and you say YES!

Eating is not your favorite thing unless it is grazing on snacks.  Eating requires you to sit still in a chair for too long!!! When you do eat FRUIT (opposite of your big sister!)  You love blueberries and strawberries (all those things which irritate your sensitive tummy).  You love yogurt and ice cream and are excellent about drinking water!  You will not eat anything I give you for breakfast....I have tried cinnamon rolls, waffles, pancakes, toast, at least 10 different cereals, banana bread, muffins, uggghhhh.  You will just not do we are happy if you have a few bites of yogurt, scrambled eggs (minus the salt and pepper which you say is "too picy" or part of a nutrigrain.

Your favorite thing to say these days is "WHY?"  You say it at least 50 times a day....oh my...sometimes my ears get tired.  But occasionally you will still sneak in an "I love you too mommy!"  You love your binky at nap time and night time.  And you cry if your feet become "uncovered."  Or sometimes you just shout.... "mommeeeee...mommeeee...mommeee!"

You have no desire to sit on the big boy potty....we will work on that....I thought some new big boy Handy Manny pants might motivate you...but I guess I was wrong!   We will get there.  We will not rush are still my baby!!!

Your smile still melts our heart every day.

"I love you, too," little Joe.


Jenn said... are so truly blessed. Your kids are so beautiful and fun!! You are lucky to have them...and they are lucky to have you!!


yiayia said...

This was my MOST favorite!!! You made Daddy and me cry. From the "I will love you forevers-to the I love you, too's". Those, precious precious little ones! <3 Yiayia