Monday, July 12, 2010

Tennis Anyone?

I haven't picked up my tennis racket since before I broke my wrist in 2001.  In fact.... I'm not even sure where my old racket has gone.  I played in high school....and sometimes when I walk past the tennis courts in our neighborhood... I think... " I should play again someday."  Sophia has been begging us to play tennis with her since she got a new racket for her birthday, so... this past weekend...we finally headed to Target to buy some cheap rackets for us so we could play with her.  We even found one in J's size!!

The off and on rain yesterday made a trip to the tennis courts out of the question...but as soon as the skies turned blue late in the afternoon, we headed out for a round of driveway tennis.

They might make a pretty good doubles team, don't ya think?

Looking ready to out!

Considering placement of the ball..

But not too sure that he wants to let go of his ball...let alone hit it to someone else!!

There was a lot of ball chasing into the street on my part...and some disgruntled players....( I think we might need a lesson in sportsmanship already)....but both kids asked to play again I guess that is a good sign!  


yiayia said...

They are sooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!<3

koki said...

Thea would like to play, too! p.s. When is Sophia going to wear that darling tennis outfit I bought her for her bday!!!!!??? Pictures please.