Thursday, July 8, 2010


So... I'm not sure where the last five days has gone....I guess we have been busy cleaning up after some repainting....and of course I have been burying myself in my cookies.  We tried to do some fun fourth of July things over the weekend...but the weather didn't really cooperate....but at least it gave us the opportunity to see Toy Story 3 (which, by the way, had me all choked up!!!) .

I have finally sorted through some of our vacation pictures....and I have learned, upon looking at them, that being an amateur and shooting with an SLR can be quite tricky in direct sunlight.  I have such admiration for all those photographers who just get the trickiness of lighting and natural lighting.  My pictures aren't great by any means...but they tell at least some of the story of our trip....which is all that matters, right?

This was Joseph's first airplane trip.  I was so worried he would not be able to sit through the flights as he is such a busy little man.

I was a bit worried that he might get airsick too, but didn't anticipate just how sick he would get.  I know this picture is blurry...oops...but I couldn't pass up posting it.  As you can tell...this was BEFORE the air sickness.

Lesson learned....ALWAYS pack a change of clothes in your carry never know what kind of messes will end up in your lap:)

This trip was Sophia's second airplane experience.  She became quite the traveler especially after our delays on the way home forced us to take THREE flights just to get back to KC.  She and Thea watched hours of movies together on the plane and in the car.

It took J a little while to get used to the sand and the crashing waves....but after a few days, he made his own fun for a while playing in the sand.  The pool, however, still won was both of the kids favorite place to be.  Sophia had fun swimming with Pappou and Joseph...well he just wanted to get out of the pool and then jump in...over and over and over!!

What can be more peaceful than the sound of the ocean waves rolling in....can you see the Tarheel blue?

Lighting is still my biggest struggle with my SLR.  And it is amazing how the light can change in such a short amount of time making things look so different.

Here's a picture of Sophia being silly....she was the first to put her swimsuit on every morning...rain or shine.  We had a few really pretty days...and a few days of rain.

Here is Joseph wearing his cute little hat...look at those lashes!

A cloudy day, but still fun playing in the sand with pappou...trying to dig holes and make sand castles.

Snack time is always good.

Daddy and the kids dug some pretty big holes and Miss Sophia tried to hide in them.  I wish I had my camera with me on some of our beach strolls...b/c some of the sand creations we saw were amazing....prize winning....It's fun to see other people's creativity!

I tried to capture the sunrise on our last morning at the beach.  We were lucky to have a wonderful view from our room.

Oops... I think I missed these pictures of Sophia playing in the sand!  Can't leave those out!
Whew!  Playing in the sand can be exhausting!

Here is what Sophia and Thea created together one day when Brett and I were walking along the beach...just in case we got lost on our way back....we would know where to stop!!

And finally...this last picture was taken by my sister....and no she is not a professional photographer...but oh this a good picture or what????

A BIG thank you to Pappou and Yiayia for making S and J's first trip to the beach a memorable one!

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