Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Halloween Preparations

Halloween is less than two weeks away.  The kids have their costumes and are getting excited for the big day.  We have been trying to fit in some fun Halloween crafts this week while there is still time!  Sophia has had a cold and had to miss her soccer game last weekend because she had a slight fever.  She was pretty upset...this little girl doesn't like to miss a thing!  So....I quickly pulled out some paints and the two little artists got to work.  Here is J working on his letter of the week....He looks pretty serious about this art work stuff, doesn't he??? Don't let it fool you.....He is the fastest painter I know.....I think he was finished painting in less than four minutes!  

Sophia could paint all day!  She is such the artist and oh so creative!  Here is her pumpkin!

Next up.....I finally decided to bake my apple pie....and Sophia ALWAYS likes to help with the final decorations...She cut out the leaves out of the pastry for the top of the pie!  And oops... I forgot to take pictures of the pie before we cut into it.  No worries....I have to admit... it wasn't my best.....I tried something new with the apples...and it wasn't my favorite....Still trying to work up to my mother's pie perfection!  Her crust is amazing...I don't think it can be beat!!!

Another fun Halloween craft that has become a tradition in our house are these cute little lollipop ghosts, made out of white chocolate.  Sophia LOVES them... and this year... she helped trace them with a pastry bag filled with melted white chocolate onto the wax paper.  J attempted to put the chocolate chip eyes on...but really just ended up eating them and mushing them between his fingers.

On Monday, we headed to Omi and Papa's for our annual pumpkin painting!  Sophia really worked hard on her pumpkin.  She used paint, pom poms, and googly eyes to decorate it.  She also made some spiders out of pipe cleaners and a haunted house with Omi and Auntie E.    Joseph attempted to paint and managed to dump his entire paper plate of paint onto the floor the second I walked away from him.  go figure!  He was probably a little more excited to play with the toys at omi's house than he was about painting his pumpkin!  Maybe next year....

Here is how the infamous pumpkin turned out

Here Omi and Sophia are working on the haunted house...

Here is Joseph proud of his little pumpkin I helped him with.

Omi and Sophia having fun with the spider they created!

And finally... today.... we made these cute little ghosts!  Can you tell what we used to make them????

Don't you love how Willie wants to be part of the action too??

Finally getting a BIG smile from the little guy!

Kissing his pumpkin...this little guy LOVES to give kisses.  I don't think he could be any SWEETER!

Whew!  My little goblins have worn me out already this week!!!

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yiayia said...

Waaaaaaaaay spooky FEET ghosts!!!!! I loved them. Both of these sweethearts are so photogenic!!!!!!!! I remember how much you two loved this holiday, too! But S and J's mama is waaaaaaaay more creative than A and A's was!!!!! :-) Now, we just have to pray for perfect weather on the big day! <3