Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Patch

Whew!  What a weekend....I'm exhausted!  We have been sooooo fortunate in the weather department this Fall.  Still so beautiful here in KC...sunny and warm!!  A perfect weekend for all of our outdoor plans!  Friday night we celebrated letter "I" week at our house (J and I are attempting to do letter activities every week) with a trip to Ben and Jerry's for some yummy ice cream!  Sophia and Joseph both chose chocolate...but Sophia got hers in a cone and actually ate the entire cone!!! Wow!!!!  She used to give that part to Daddy!  Daddy and I had the new "milk and cookies" ice cream...wouldn't you know I would love an ice cream that tastes like cookies...YUM!

We had Sophia's soccer game on Saturday.  She ran like crazy on the field (with hardly any rest they were short a few teammates) and scored a terrific goal! She makes it look so easy...I'm quite sure she didn't get her athletic abilities from me!  We were so proud of her!!!!  The rest of the afternoon was spent at Lowe's...checking out new dishwashers (S and J were great at testing them all...they had quite a time opening and closing the doors and pushing all of the buttons)....we of course left with no dishwasher.....ours has been leaking and now leaves this yucky film on our glasses.  It's definitely time for a replacement....but uggghhh not ready to fork over the money for a new one....  So what did we do then...went looking at if that's in the budget right now after last week's incident.

Of course we were all hungry after all of that exhausting we picked up some sammies and headed to the park for a picnic and some play time!  Besides the swarm of gnats....the weather was perfect and the kids had a great time!

Today we decided we'd better head to the pumpkin patch....this weather has been so perfect...I was just worried there may not be many more weekends this pretty left in October.  We decided to try a new patch this year and headed to Weston to the Red Barn Farm.  The drive was long...but mostly highway...which keeps J pretty happy because he gets to watch all the trucks.  A few times he got extremely excited when we passed a water tower....he would scream "WHOA....look Tophia!"

Once we arrived we walked through the country store and then took a hay ride (pulled by a John Deere tractor) to the pumpkin patch.  It was pretty bumpy....but of course the highlight of the trip for Joseph!!!! Joseph picked another green pumpkin this year...and Sophia picked a pretty perfect orange one!!!  She also found some pretty yellow "pumpkin" flowers...and to her surprise found a green caterpillar living inside of the one she picked.  She was pretty upset when, on the tractor ride back, the little guy decided to climb out of the flower she was holding and fell through the cracks of the tractor.  We told her...he would turn into a beautiful butterfly!

Lots of fun on our little trip this morning....but I'll let the pictures tell the rest!

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