Friday, October 15, 2010

My Buddy

With Sophia in school ALL day....I worried it would be too quiet around here.....but have no fear....I have a buddy to keep me company....

I don't think my little J stops talking (nope...scratch that...stops asking questions) from morning to night.  He is soooo very curious....and I love the conversations he has with me.  He is always very curious about what I am doing...and pretty much asks a "why" question at least once every few minutes.  He is very inquisitive about what trucks are carrying...about what street signs say, and about who the cookies are for on the counter.  When he is not asking questions... he is usually playing with his other buddy, Willie.    He LOVES to play with Willie (especially when his "Tophia" is not around), and I think Willie enjoys it just as much as he does. Soooo cute.

He can be so stubborn at times ( "I don't like you eeeevier (either)")!  But most of the time...he is showering me with kisses....blowing me kisses....hugging me or telling me "you're toe (soooo) nice, mommee!"   He melts my heart every day.

He is pretty proud of himself these days as he has been having some major potty successes.....He's still not sure which potty he likes best (the big one or his little one) he tends to try out both (mid-pottying!!!!) Oh my....he is a riot....  He is growing up....but I'm not letting him go anytime soon!


yiayia said...

Let's see how do you say ADORABLE---I think it's 'JOSEPH'----PS. Love the new pix at the top!! <3 Yiayia

koki said...

I could just squeeze and kiss him all day long . . . too bad he's too busy for that! love the song btw. xxooooo, thea