Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall fun

The weather here has been absolutely gorgeous the last few weeks.....I know I shouldn't have J (especially) outside so much with his horrendous allergies...but with this weather... I just can't help it!   We have really tried to take advantage of every opportunity to enjoy it.    Lots of picnic lunches and playing outside.  I took just a few pictures of the things we have been doing in between school and dance and soccer....Most of the pics are with my phone, so not great quality....I notice that I have been bringing my big camera less and less lately....Mr. Sam is about all I can carry these days...and when I focus too much on taking pics... I really miss out on the fun... so the camera phone it is! 

We all went to the park to play and have lunch last weekend... 

Isn't she cute in her braids??? We are pretty proud of this little girl.... b/c this letter came in the mail to us today:

"I am pleased to inform you that your daughter, Sophia, has been chosen by her teacher for the Christ's Light Recognition Award.  Her teachers state, "Christ's light shines in Sophia.  She willingly helps others without being asked.  She recognizes when others need assistance.  She consistently practices the Golden rule through her actions and words. "

We are all very proud of Sophia's willingness to spread the light of Christ throughout our school.  Thank you for helping to instill this love of neighbor and the light of Jesus in your daugher.

Christ's Peace,
Mr. C"

Apparently Sophia was chosen again for this award.  She won the same award for her grade level last April.  She was bursting with excitement when she walked to the car this afternoon after hearing her name on the intercom....and was even more excited to see the letter that came in the mail today!  They are pretty lucky to have her, I think:)

I digressed from the fall fun pics....oops...

So, here is J enjoying his lunch!

Then... Ms. Green Thumb herself (AKA Thea)  ventured out with the three kids and myself Sunday afternoon (leaving B some peace and quiet to finish re-painting the dining room:) to update my front porch flowers.  It was time to rid of the summer plants and buy some pretty mums and pansies.  Thea is definitely the gardener in the family.  She helped me pick the plants for my pot and even potted them when we came home... and so far.... I have not yet killed them!!! :)  Thanks Thea!

And it's that time of year again for those cider mill apples.. J and Sam and I took a short trip this morning to Louisburg to get a bag of apples.  Joseph was really much more into watching the apples go through the machines this year.  He also LOVED the cider donuts....which he didn't care too much for last year.  He was very interested in looking for cows on our drive down....he was a little disappointed that we only saw horses.. He is sooo funny.  Today we were doing our "homework" while Sophia was studying her spelling and he said..."Mommy... I think I love you a lot."  Melt.my.heart.

The boys and I played outside a lot the last few days... Sam is already big enough to fit in our swing....and he LOVES it...  He is really trying to move around a lot these days... I caught him pulling up on a chair to standing position many times today...and of course we have already had some falls when the kids try to stand him up when I am not looking and he falls back.... Can't take my eyes off of any of them.. I tell ya!!

On another note... we took Willie to the vet today after we had noticed a definite increase in size in a growth we have been watching on his back.  The vet confirmed our suspicions that it has indeed grown in size and would like to remove it... We will be praying that his little surgery goes well and he bounces back quickly.  He is 11 1/2 and losing some of that puppy spunk.... so we worry that any surgery will be traumatic for him.... 

Happy almost Wednesday!


koki said...

What an honor for our sweet miss Sophia P to win that award two year's in a row!! I couldn't be more proud of her - and it's a testament to the values you and Brett are teaching chez standard! On another note ... Anxiously awaiting final pics of new paint!! Xoxo Thea

yiayia said...

Congratulations to our Sophia!!! She is indeed a special little girl. Fall is my most fav time of the year--especially when the weather is so gorgeous---I loved all these fall pix of these darlings. ------ Poor Willie.

Kelsey Bakalar said...

Congrats to Sophia! What an honor. We're praying for Mr. Willie!