Thursday, October 6, 2011

Full Speed Ahead

I am not quite sure what happened...but Mr. Sam has decided to grow up all in one week!  Not only are his two top teeth starting to push through...but he has started to pull up from sitting to standing position (when grabbing on to things), he can now roll from his tummy to sitting position....and he started crawling like a maniac today!  I think it may have had something to do with a big brother tempting him with some very appealing and fast toy cars from across the room!  Theywill be playing cars together before I know it, and I can't wait!

Sam is already giving me that mischievous look when he knows he is moving towards something he shouldn' the enticing electrical outlet covers in the walls.  He loves to grab hold of my legs and tries desperately to get his mouth into them while I'm standing (that whole teething thing, I think!)

And tonight....Big Sister was getting a bath first....and before I knew it...Mr. Sam had crawled from her bedroom where I had nicely arranged a basket of toys to keep him occupied....straight for the tub!  He LOVED watching Sophia take her bath and obviously wanted to climb right in with her!  He just squealed with excitement and Sophia thought it was so hilarious!  I yelled for B to bring up the camera....and I snapped a few pics as quickly as I could just to capture a few of the laughs.

I have a feeling life may just be getting a bit more exhausting....


koki said...

SOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!! as if you aren't exhausted enough already!! Cannot believe S is suddenly a crawling machine! I need to come see this for myself! Now, go get some sleep Mama!! Xoxo, Thea

mom2four said...

Oh, how sweet! So, so sweet! So glad you captured this moment!