Wednesday, October 12, 2011


day two of the roof redo.  

I wasn't going to complain about the loud pounding directly above Sam's room that began precisely 2 minutes before I put him down for his nap.... I wasn't going to complain about the number of times the doorbell rang either.  I wasn't going to complain about the fact that I have to take Willie out on a leash to go potty.  I wasn't going to complain that I have to park down the block and carry school bags, groceries and a 25 pound baby down the street and up the driveway.  I wasn't going to complain about the super who insisted that I did not know what type of stucco we put on our house.  I wasn't going to complain about the incredible POUNDING all day that makes poor Willie pace the entire house from morning till night.  I wasn't going to complain about the number of times I have had to straighten the pictures of my sweet children on the wall.  I wasn't going to complain about how all that dust stirring up in the attic has wreaked complete havoc on my allergies.  I wasn't gonna....but whew.... it sure felt good!

So....enough complaining ( we have a good 3-4 days left for that) and on to some fun pictures of the sweet little ones!  Sophia had the day off on we took advantage of everyone being home and made our first trip to the pumpkin patch this season.  Yiayia came along...thank goodness.... to help manage the troops.  It was a short trip...but we still had some time to see some farm animals, go on a tractor ride, swing and slide, and of course pick a few pumpkins from the patch. (I didn't realize my lens was dirty till about 3/4 of the way through our trip :(  ) So some of the pics are not too clear.

It was Sam's first trip to a patch....and he did pretty good.  Of course we picked out his pumpkin for him, but he seemed pretty content with the one we chose.  Now if I can just get Daddy to clean off all that dust left behind in every crevice of the stroller.

And just a few more pics from today....

As you can see...Mr. Sam is pretty happy about his new found mobility.  He already shut his fingers in Sophia's bathroom drawer, and knocked over a glass jar on one of my tables.  Oh my!

He found the oven!!! Gotta start that love affair with baking early!

And look at J....just up from a short and interrupted nap.....he looks pretty exhausted... I think Sam is thinking..."What's up with that guy's hair????"

Sam loves to put his hand on J...especially his hair.  Wish I could have just a few of J's curls!

And finally... for the record.... Sam said "mama" one time in a very clear voice at exactly 1:23pm.... Tuesday October 11th.  It has since changed to "baba" but...we are still counting it!  YAY!

Hear's hoping for a quieter day tomorrow....


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Ohhhhhh-----so cute. <3

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