Thursday, October 20, 2011

When it rains....

it pours.

I wasn't looking forward to this week.  Willie's surgery was scheduled for Wednesday.  I was nervous he would not respond well to the anesthesia.  I was stressed about the usual morning routine of getting the Princess to school, the "Raceman" to preschool at a different time, all while having Willie at the vet bright and early.  Of course when I stress about one thing... I have come to learn, that often other "bigger" stresses can come into the picture.

Sam has had an ongoing cold/sinus infection/slight fever for weeks now.  But Monday night...his fever went up just a bit...enough to make me think it was more than teething related....Then the P came down around 9:30 requesting Tylenol for a headache....(which never happens, as getting this child to swallow any medicines is torture in and of itself).  I took her temp and she had no fever...but I gave the meds to her anyway....I don't mess around with headaches.  She skipped off to bed...and I checked her overnight to find her sleeping peacefully.  Happy go lucky in the  morning and no off to school she went on Tuesday morning.  Sam grew more and more cranky during the day...and I finally got the boys down for a short afternoon nap when I got a phone call from Sophia's school that she was not feeling well.  I quickly pulled the boys from their beds, and raced to school as quickly as I could ( feeling sick at school is the worst, and I didn't want Sophia to have to wait) find my sweet Sophia pale as a ghost.  I quickly got her in the car and we headed home.  She rested, got her color back (letting her watch cartoons all afternoon was the best medicine for her!)  But I decided I would keep her home in the am...since Willie had his surgery scheduled and I didn't want to worry about her at school.

In the meantime... we decided to take Sam to after hours to get him checked out.  Diagnosis... nasty ear infection.  ( I had worried about this for weeks...but every time I brought him in...they told me his ears were clear). We got the prescript and headed for home.

Sam grew more and more cranky.....his fever rose to 102...we upped the advil and even gave benadryl to try to get him to sleep.  In the meantime... I developed a migraine...perfect timing.  I tried to get up with Sam a few of the times that he cried and then apparently I fell into an alleve-induced sleep. The next time Sam cried...B took his temp...and it had risen to 104.5..  I didn't believe it....even accused B of taking it wrong.  So we retook it...and this time it was beyond 105.  Panic....

Brett grabbed the diaper bag, an extra bottle and headed for Children's Mercy.  They immediately dosed him with more meds... to reduce the fever and Brett had to stay the majority of the night until his fever came down while I sat at home in bed and worried.  4:45 am...B and Sam home with diagnosis of ear infection and viral infection.  Needless to say... we had to cancel Willie's surgery and had to reschedule for next week.

Sam has had a rough few days....extremely lethargic....cranky, feverish, and just downright yucky feeling.  Poor guy.  But Sophia seems on the mend....and so far, J has escaped without any sickness beyond his usual allergies.

The weather turned colder this week....just as all the sickness began...oh how I dread the long winter months....and it  has barely even begun!

Here is my little man tonight...hardly able to keep his head up, but trying to do what he likes best...push the chairs around.

Sam did finally sleep for two hours straight today without maybe we are beginning to turn the corner???  Keeping our pinkies crossed:)

And to end on a good note....some pumpkin painting fun... we do this every year at Omi and Papa's...and of course this year we had a "third" pumpkin painting "spectator"!  Here are some pics of my artists at work!

And a few sillies...

And normally I put my cookies on my cookie blog....but these are just for us... the first Halloween cookies I have made this the idea from the one and only.....she's a creative genius (made these out of a baby onesie cutter!)

Let the spooky festivities begin....
PS... I spoke too soon....Mr. Sam is already screaming in his bed...another looooong night ahead:(

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mom2four said...

Hope everyone is feeling better REAL soon! Hugs.